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“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?

The important thing is to just create.”

- Pablo Picasso

Art is taught as part of our broad and balanced curriculum and these skills based lessons cover all new National Curriculum objectives.

Each half term, children take part in either an Art or D&T topic so they learn a variety of skills. Within this subject, children have the opportunity to revisit previous learning, therefore enabling them to embed the skills and techniques learnt throughout the years in St Charles’.

Weekly lessons encourage children to explore and develop their artistic and creative abilities within the whole of the curriculum and cross curricular opportunities are also offered, for example spiritual art in RE. We ensure the children experience a wide range of knowledge and skill to develop a breadth of art techniques and skills. They are also encouraged to plan and manipulate a range of materials so that they can develop skill and originality. This enquiry stage is linked closely to not only exploring techniques, but also to allowing the children to express, evaluate and appreciate their own work and the work of others. By encouraging these three stages in lessons, children will develop their appreciation of the arts.

We are committed to the wider development of young people and encourage collaborations with professional artists and art organisations through trips and visitors in school.