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Child Protection Statement

RIGHTS RESPECTING: Article 19 - I have the right to be protected from being hurt or badly treated.

The safeguarding and child protection policy can be found here

We have regular visits from professionals covering a range of topics around keeping safe; e-safety sessions are part of our planned curriculum and offered for parents and pupils; Anti-bullying week supports the children in caring for each other and showing respect. Sex and relationship education is taught through our Relationship and Heath Education curriculum 'Live Life to the Full'.  A range of sessions are also offered for parents and governors throughout the year to support everyone to keep our children safe. The school has a safeguarding action plan and timetable of events to ensure coverage across all areas of safeguarding for all pupils, staff, parents and governors. The school has a safeguarding plan of events for the year for all Staff, Pupils, Governors and Children. 

  • The designated person for Child Protection is Mrs Louise Nealings.
  • The deputy designated person for Safeguarding is Mrs Kaye Binney.
  • Our third designated person for Safeguarding is Miss Rebecca Thomas.
  • Our safeguarding governor is Mrs Devine Wilkinson.

Please refer to the Safeguarding policy under the policy tab.

Child Protection Statement

Our school recognises our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all pupils.  We will endeavour to comply with best practice and provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued.  We will be alert to the signs of abuse and maltreatment and will follow our procedures and government guidance to ensure that children receive effective support, protection and justice. 

We acknowledge that some children, including disabled children and young people or those from ethnic minority communities, can be particularly vulnerable to abuse. We accept the responsibility to take reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure their welfare.  

The procedures contained in this policy apply to all staff and governors and are consistent with those of the Safeguarding Partners.

Core principles

This policy is one of a series in the school’s integrated safeguarding portfolio.  Our core safeguarding principles are as follows:

  • The school’s responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children is of paramount importance.
  • Safer children make more successful learners.
  • Representatives of the whole school community of pupils, parents, staff and governors will be involved in policy development and review.
  • Policies will be reviewed annually, unless an incident or new legislation or guidance suggests the need for an interim review.

The statement and core principles demonstrate the school’s understanding that, to carry out its role effectively, it must:

  • Give priority to the welfare of the child
  • Understand the importance of respect
  • Recognise the relationship between safety and learning
  • Value the opinions and contributions of the whole school community
  • Ensure staff are appropriately trained
  • Develop and maintain effective procedures
  • Comply with the prevailing legislation and consider prevailing guidance