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Prayer and Liturgy

RIGHTS RESPECTING: Article 14 - I have the right to have my own thoughts and beliefs and to choose my religion with my parents' guidance.

The school day is punctuated with prayer.

Children participate in daily liturgical prayer. The school week begins with whole school liturgical prayer led by the leadership team.  Each class contributes to this prayerful experience, by writing their own bidding prayers to be shared with the school community. Each class are given a Monday mission, where they are inspired by the scripture to act in a positive way.

The teaching staff team lead prayer and liturgy for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 each Wednesday. This follows the churches liturgical year.

Each week, children lead their own liturgical prayer for their class and they also celebrate with liturgical prayer at the end of their RE units of work. Parents have the opportunity to join the end of unit prayer sessions. 

School groups plan prayer spaces for the children to visit during Lent and advent. 

During Advent and Lent parents are invited into join school for liturgical prayer. 

Children also enjoy creative prayer opportunities weekly. 

We aim to provide everyone in our school community with the opportunity to a wide range of spiritual experiences. We have a quiet space in school Muslim children and staff can have the opportunity to pray during the school day.