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The important thing is to never stop questioning.”

- Albert Einstein

At St Charles' our Science curriculum is skills based and knowledge-rich which stems from an enquiry question.  Our yearly overview illustrates the extensive coverage of the curriculum which is inter-woven with a bespoke progression of knowledge and skills to take our children beyond the National Curriculum. Throughout the year and across the phases, pupils are able to build upon pre-existing learning by revisiting certain areas of study and experience new learning to enable pupils to embed and deepen new knowledge and skills. We foster child led learning through open ended lines of scientific enquiry encouraging children to plan, predict, experiment, measure and record their scientific findings.

What are the main principles?

Every science unit of work is introduced with an enquiry question to develop children’s curiosity and engagement about the world in which we live. Our Science curriculum draws on the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics which ensures an excellent breath of study for all year groups. From plants, animals, habitats and materials in Key Stage One, to magnetism, electricity space and evolution in Key Stage Two. Early Years follow Development Matters where children learn about similarities and differences in relation to places, objects, materials and living things, as well as talk about changes.

Every Science topic across the school inspires our children to be independent, curious learners. Children learn new knowledge and skills, carry out science investigations and experiments to embed what they have learned and finally evaluate and analyse their findings and scientific conclusions.

Our whole school curriculum overview below shows how learning is progressive and continuous, building on previous knowledge and skills.