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Children and Parent views

What do our children say about our school?
We regularly ask our children their views. 
This is what some of our SEND children say about our school:
"I always have fun and activities are good. I like the people." KS2 child
"I just like being here." KS2 child
" I have a wobble cushion, reading ruler and all my teachers help me." KS2 child
" I rate school 9/10. It will be 10/10 when OPAL playground starts. KS2 child
"10/10 because I love school so much. I love science." KS2 child
"My favorite subject is art. I use sound buttons to help me. I give school 10/10." KS2 child
"10/10. I love lessons and break times." KS2 child
What do our parents say about our school?
We regularly ask parents of children with SEND their views. 
This is what some of those parents say about our school:
"Class teacher and support staff are fantastic." 
"My child loves coming to school."
"The school are the kindest I know of." 
100% of parents of SEND puipls agreed their child enjoys coming to school.