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Mini Vinnies

Learn all about Mini Vinnies... turning concern into action!


What is Mini Vinnies?

‘Mini Vinnies’ is a St Vincent de Paul Group in a Primary School. We are a group of young people aged 7-11 who get together, organise and talk about helping others in need within our school community and beyond. What makes Mini Vinnies such a valuable experience for those who are part of it, is the change it makes in school communities. Mini Vinnies’ group usually meet once a fortnight during lunchtime and is run by Miss Bell.

What happens at a Mini Vinnies’ meeting?

A ‘President’ is elected by the Mini Vinnies to lead the meeting and organise the group. Miss Bell co-ordinates the group and gives help and practical advice.

  • The President opens the meeting with a prayer.
  • A short spiritual reading/reflection/piece of music/meditation follows. The Group members take turns to do this.
  • Group members then talk about the Mini Vinnies’ activities they have done since the previous meeting.
  • Any future plans are then discussed.
  • The President concludes the meeting with a prayer.
Have a look At our school twitter feed to find out abut all of the fundraising we have done this year.