School opens at 8.40am, the school day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.20pm from 5 September 2022.


Thursday 22 July
In the final week of Nursery have enjoyed sports day where the children all demonstrated there super turn taking, team work and sports skills! We also enjoyed a special treat from Mrs Nealings when the ice-cream van visited school!
It has been wonderful to watch all the children grow in so many ways especially in such a difficult year for everyone. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone and I know they will all be fantastic in Reception.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for our wonderful presents this year. Mrs Walsham and I are very grateful!
I hope that everyone has a fabulous summer!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 15 July
Nursery really enjoyed our teddy bear picnic this week! They created their own masks and sang the teddy bears picnic song. We even had a special visit from Mrs Bear!
I wonder if you can tell your grown-ups all about our special day?
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 8 July
Nursery have had lots of fun this week making their own golf clubs for STEAM week. They have designed their club with special features such as ball storage and magnifying glasses. We even used green screen for the first time - the children were very excited to see themselves on the golf course!
The children have worked so hard!
Look at the school STEAM week page to find out more.
Have a super weekend! 
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 1 July
The children have really enjoyed being scientists this week! They have explored change in a number of experiments. Firstly we investigated how to change the colour of flower petals using food colouring. The children predicted that the petals would change colour however only the green colour worked. We also combined vinegar, baking soda and washing up liquid to create our own explosions! 
I wonder if you can talk about some of our experiments at home!
I hope you have a super weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 24 June
This week in Nursery the children have been learning about how to stay fit and healthy. 
They explored the changes in their body after exercise, sorted healthy and unhealthy foods and created their own meals.
I wonder if you can share how to stay fit and healthy at home?
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 17 June
This week in Nursery we have loved listening to the story Funny Bones! The children have named the parts of their body and sung lots of body songs.
I wonder if you can name all the different parts of your body?
We have loved spending time outside in the sunshine, making dens to protects us from the sun!
Remember your sun cream and hat if this glorious sunshine continues next week!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 10 June
This week in RE the children have been learning about friendship and Jesus' important message to 'love one another'.
Nursery have also been practising their rhyming skills through The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly story.
They have enjoyed dressing up and finding matching animals rhymes as well as lots of mini-beast fun!
I wonder if you can think of words that rhyme at home? Can you continue my rhyming string cat - mat - hat ……..
Thursday 27 May
This week the children in Nursery have loved exploring lots of different places of working including a cafe, builders site, artist studio, Royal Mail sorting office and a classroom.
I wonder if you can talk about the different types of occupations that your family have at home!
Have a brilliant half term!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 20 May
Nursery have had lots of fun learning about shapes this week. I was so impressed with how many different shapes they could spot in the classroom. The children used mathematical language to talk about shapes and created some fantastic shape faces!
I wonder how many different shapes you can find in your home?
Have a super weekend.
Mrs Bickle
Friday 14 May - Feelings
This week in Nursery we have been talking about different types of feelings using colour monsters for Mental Health Awareness. The children created their own feeling monsters and worked together to create a box of emotions for the class to share their feelings.
I wonder if you can think of lots of different words for feelings and emotions over the weekend to share with the class next week! 
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 7 May  
Number Day   
Nursery have had lots of fun today celebrating Number Day for the NSPCC. We picked number 5 and the children represented it in lots of different ways. The children also had the chance to estimate how many pom poms were in the jar. Three children guessed correctly and won a prize!
On Wednesday the children also enjoyed our Commando Jo day. We helped Humpty Dumpty by building a wall and putting him back together with great team work and positivity!
Well done Nursery, you have been fantastic this week!
Have a super weekend.
Mrs Bickle
Friday 30 April
This week in Nursery we have continued our Gingerbread theme. The children loved making puppets of the Gingerbread man and acting out the story. We have also been exploring different types of jobs linked to our theme and the children became bakers for the day, cooking some yummy chocolate crispy cakes!
Over the last couple of weeks the children have shown an interest in pirates and sea-shanty songs so next week we are going to sea!
I wonder can you think of any jobs at sea? Please share your ideas next week.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 23 April 
The Gingerbread Man
This week the children have loved our new theme the Gingerbread Man!
The children have taken on the role of baker and shop keeper in our role play area. Nursery explored floating and sinking when designing boats for the Gingerbread man to help him cross the river!
We have also been talking about different fairytale characters discussing if their actions make them good or bad. I wonder how many different fairy-tale characters you can think of at home!
Have a super weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 1 April
Nursery have been learning about the Easter story. The children helped to create an Easter Garden outside and create Easter cards. On Thursday the children enjoyed a special treat of hot cross buns!
In maths we have focused on measurement and the children have enjoyed ordering different animals in length and height. We even started to learn about measuring with non-standard measurements (cubes).
I wonder how many different words you can think of to describe something that is big and something that is small?
Mrs Bickle

Friday 26 March


Nursery have had a fantastic week! They have had lots of fun observing the changes in the chicks and were all sad to say goodbye to them today!

This week the children have been exploring measurement with a focus on length and height. We talked about the mathematical vocabulary to describe the lengths and heights of different animals and plants. The children loved spending time in forest school measuring and comparing natural objects!

This week the children have also shared their knowledge of a lifecycle of a chicken and we then explored the lifecycle of a frog through the story Tad.

Next week we will be exploring the special celebration of Easter. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Bickle

Friday 19 March


This week in Nursery the chicks have taken centre stage! You can read more about the chicks on our separate chick blog. The chicks have been a stimulus for learning about change and the children have completed some wonderful drawing and emerging writing to support this theme.

In maths we have been consolidating number recognition and counting by matching quantities to the correct numerals.

The children had lots of fun painting their noses red today for Red Nose Day!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Bickle

Monday 15 March
It was wonderful to have all the children back together again last week. The children are really enjoying our growing theme and have been busy planting seeds and looking after the flowers in our garden. I would like to say thank you to all the parents who donated seeds, pots, soil and plants, it is greatly appreciated by all the children and staff!
The children have been very excited about our new chicks! The eggs arrived today will be staying until the 26 March when they will be safely transported to their new home on a farm. It is a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore change in real life. I have created a separate blog for the chicks which will contain daily updates which will be lovely to share at home especially for the part time children.
Have a great week! 
Mrs Bickle
Friday 8 January 2021
Happy New Year
Happy New Year Nursery
During this lockdown blogs will not be updated weekly while we continue to teach in school and deliver home learning. I hope you understand. We look forward to welcoming all the children back soon.
Mrs Bickle
Merry Christmas Nursery!
Thank you for all the lovely messages and kind presents, we really appreciate it!
We hope you have a wonderful family Christmas filled with joy and laughter!
Mrs Bickle, Mrs Walsham and Mrs Clasper
Friday 18 December 2020
Nursery have had a very busy week! The children enjoyed their special visit from Santa, their Christmas dinner and party day! O(
I have been so proud of Nursery this week! Everyone has worked so hard to create our fabulous Nativity. The children attend a premier of the film with popcorn on Friday. They loved spotting themselves on the stage. I hope that you all enjoy sharing the Nativity together at home!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 11 December
Christmas Jumper Day
Nursery has had a fantastic week. We have been working hard practising our Nativity. The children have loved playing with the Christmas activities and their special visitor Father Jonathon!
On Friday the children looked fantastic in their Christmas jumpers!
I hope you have a super weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Thursday 3 December
This week the children have enjoyed our Christmas theme. They are becoming confident talking about the Nativity story. The class have especially enjoyed decorating our class and sharing our advent calendars!
Well done Nursery!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 27 November
Designing Homes
This week the children have learnt about different types of homes including huts, wigwams and igloos. The children designed and created a home using small parts. They talked about the materials they used such as wood and bricks. 
In RE the children had lots of fun exploring birthdays! They enjoyed creating cards and wrapping (and unwrapping) presents.
This week we have started to practise our songs from A Wriggly Nativity. If you would like to share some of the songs with your child at home, you can use the You Tube link below.
I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 20 November
Nursery have loved the story Press Here this week. They have really impressed me with how super they are at following instructions and directions! The children had the opportunity to develop their computing skills using Bee-Bots. They were able to programme the Bee-Bots to move in different directions using the control buttons!
Over the course of the week we have also been talking about how to be a good friend and kind and unkind choices as part of Anti-Bullying week. Some of the activities the children have completed include designing odd socks (for Odd Socks day), sorting kind and unkind images and creating a fantastic friendship chain!
Next week we will be investigating different types of homes and the materials that they are made from.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 13 November
We're Going on a Bear Hunt

It has been a very exciting week in Nursery! The children have loved our We’re Going on a Bear Hunt themed activities. The children know the story really well and have impressed me with how super they are at retelling the story and joining in with the repeated refrains! The children had the opportunity to explore different textures linked to the text and were wonderful at describing how they felt.

Look how brave Nursery were going on their very own bear hunt!

This week we have also been learning about shapes, the children are becoming confident naming 2D shapes and they created some fantastic bear pictures whilst describing the features of shapes and size.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Bickle

Friday 6 November
Welcome to Autumn 2

Nursery have had a fantastic first week back after half term! This week we have started our new theme of homes and the children have been super at describing where they live! We have also explored the celebration of bonfire night. In which the children produced some fantastic fire work paintings which we displayed above our group bonfire art to create our own firework display!

The children have also been developing their fine motor skills through a range of different activities!

On Wednesday we celebrated our special St Charles mission day. We shared our mission and talked about how we can follow it in school every day. The children decorated footsteps and created a whole class school logo to help them remember to follow our mission.

Next week our focus book is We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Through the text the children will explore the sense of touch through sensory experiences linked to the text.

Can you describe how different objects and materials feel at home?

I hope you have a super weekend!

Mrs Bickle

Friday 23 October 2020
Commando Joe's Challenge Week 
Nursery have had a fantastic end to the half term! They have really enjoyed the challenge of working as a team to create their own boats and survive the mission to avoid the crocodiles!
I would like to say well done to all the children in Nursery! They have really settled in well to their new class and I am super proud of them! 
I hope that everyone has a fabulous half term!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 16 October 2020
The Weather
This week in Nursery we having been learning about different types of weather. All the children were super at naming lots of different types! We made up actions to demonstrate the weather and the children created some fabulous process art of wind and art by blowing water paint!

After learning about hedgehog homes last week we incorporated their interest into our maths activity. The children took turns to count different autumn objects to make a home for the hedgehog!

Next week the children will take part in our whole school Commando Joe activities linked to personal, social and emotional development. Through the Commando Joe programme children will develop core the character traits of resilience, empathy, self-awareness, positivity, excellence, communication and teamwork.

Our focus trait for the activities next week is teamwork and it will be based around the nursery rhyme row, row, row your boat.

Commando Joe has extended the nursery rhyme to support our mission. Maybe you could share the rhyme at home to get ready for our missions next week!


Row, row, row your boat.

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily,

merrily, merrily.

Life is but a dream.


Row, row, row your boat.

Teamwork is the key.

Working together,

working together.

That is how it will be!


Thank you for a lovely week Nursery! Have a super weekend!

Mrs Bickle

Friday 9 October 2020
Autumn and Harvest

What a super week we have had in Nursery!

This week Nursery have explored the forest school area. The children loved investigating the autumn changes and collected different coloured leaves, acorns, conkers and pine-cones. In class the children have created autumn collages and investigated harvest vegetables such as pumpkins!

We had a super Brighten up the Harvest day on Friday! It was lovely seeing all the children in their bright clothes. Thank you for all your donations, it is much appreciated.

Next week we will be exploring the weather, maybe you can have a think about the types of weather that we have in autumn and the clothes that we need to wear with your family.

Please remember to label all clothes and shoes for Nursery. If you need any support in activating your Tapestry account please let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Bickle

Friday 2 October 2020
Singing and Dancing

Nursery have had a super week continuing to talk about their family and themselves. All the children created their own self-portrait collages whilst describing what they look like and really enjoyed sharing their family members with their friends.

We have continued to focus on listening and attention and personal, social and emotional skills this week and it has been lovely to see so many children sharing and caring, as well as becoming more confident in following the routines of Nursery!

Another highlight of this week has been the wonderful instrument playing, singing and dancing this week in the outdoor area! We definitely have some very talented performers in Nursery!




This week we shared our first class liturgy. The children loved looking at our class Bible and cross and sharing a simple prayer.

Next week our theme changes to exploring the current season of autumn, we will be spending time in the forest school investigating our natural environment. The children are welcome to bring in any autumn objects that they find over the next few weeks such as conkers, acorns and interesting leaves. I wonder who can find the biggest conker?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Bickle

Friday 25 September 2020
This week we have spent lots of time getting to know our new friends in Nursery!
The children have had a fantastic week and they were all superstars at lunchtime.
We have been learning about how we are all different and special this week. The children all created some fantastic drawings whilst talking about what they look like. They have also been sharing all the things that they are super at!
The children have really enjoyed singing numbers songs this week. They used puppets to join in with the actions of the song!
Well done Nursery! You have had a super week!
I am very proud of you all!
Have a great weekend! 
Mrs Bickle 
Thursday 1 April
Holy Week
This week in Nursery the children have been learning about the Easter story. They have explored through art, video, role-play, cooking and books. The children shared their understanding about the symbol of the cross and enjoyed decorating and making their own crosses in their play.
In maths the children have been ordering chicks and caterpillars and have started to explore measurement using non-standard measurements.
Have a fantastic Easter Holiday. 
See you in the summer for more fun!
Mrs Bickle
Friday 18 September 2020
We are super impressed with how well all the children have come into Nursery on their own this week, they are all so grown up!
The children have enjoyed trying lots of new activities both inside and outside (especially in the lovely sunshine) and making lots of new friends!
We have also been focusing on our listening skills by playing lots of fun games!
Next week we will be adding the wonderful family photos you have sent in to our tree and talking about ourselves and our families. 
Why not take time to talk about your special family with  your child. You could sing the family song together (link below).
We hope you have a super weekend! We can't wait to see you next week for lots more fun!
Mrs Bickle