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Nursery - Chicks

Nursery - Chicks March 2021
Day 1
Nursery were very excited on  Monday. They waited all morning and the eggs finally arrived after lunch. The children thought carefully about how we can care for our chicks and worked together to create a list of rules to follow.
Day 2
We have not seen much change in the eggs today apart from a small crack in one of them. The children were super at writing names for the chicks today! We have lots of super suggestions. Nursery will pick the names as the eggs hatch!
Day 3
It was very exciting in Nursery today! When we arrived at school three eggs had hatched over night! Through-out the day the children also had the opportunity to observe another four hatch. Nursery are looking forward to holding and naming the chicks tomorrow!
Day 4
Great news! All our chicks have hatched successfully and are fit and healthy. Today we transferred them into their new home and we were able to hold them for the first time! The chicks already have their own personalities. Tomorrow we are going to finalise all their names but we already have decided on three names Angel, Rainbow and Rockstar!

Day 5

The children have been great at caring for the chicks today. They have helped to feed and water them and enjoyed holding them again. The final names are:







Jelly Bean

Chicken Licken


Cool Boy


This weekend the Chicks will be staying at Mrs Bickle’s house and return to Nursery on Monday.

Day 6 and Day 7
The chicks enjoyed their weekend break at Mrs Bickle's house although they really missed all the Nursery children!
They enjoyed looking at the lovely pictures and listening to the messages the children sent them on Friday.
Day 8 and Day 9
The children have enjoyed spending more time with the chicks this week. They can't believe how much they have grown! We are spotting little feathers and the chicks are experimenting with their wings. Nursery have been recording all the changes in their own chick diary.

Goodbye Chicks


Today we said goodbye to our lovely class chicks. They have grown so big in the time that we have looked after them. The children have been fantastic at caring for them and they have learnt so much by observing change in a hands on, real life experience. The chicks will be safely re-homed on a farm. Well done Nursery and good luck chicks!