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Stay at Home Dance Challenge

Stay at Home Dance Challenge
If you're looking for a fun way to stay active, look no further! In this challenge, the dance is split into four segments. You need to watch the videos and learn the moves in each before putting it all together to form one dance. I would recommend learning one video per day to really master and perfect your routine.
Fitness Clipart Dance Fitness - Silhouettes Of Women Praising God ...
Up for the challenge?
Day 1 Dance Routine -
Day 2 Dance Routine -
Day 3 Dance Routine -
Day 4 Dance Routine -
Do the dance alone or recruit others in your house to join in with you. When you're done, why not perform the dance to your families? You could even film it and share it on your 'Class Dojo' portfolio to entertain your friends and teachers!
Looking forward to seeing your dance!