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STEAM Week 2021

Take a look below at all the wonderful St Charles' Olympic STEAM week work and activities we have been completing! 
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Early Years - Roar-tastic Club!
Nursery and Reception have been busy experimenting with golf sets. We had 5 challenges throughout the week to complete.
Challenge 1 - We measured ourselves to work out how long our golf club needed to be. We measured in non-standard units of measure, as well as using a tape measure.
Challenge 2 - We created crazy golf courses. Mrs Nealings enjoyed playing our mini golf games!
Challenge 3 - We tested different materials to work out which would be best for our golf club handle. We thought about which had more grip, which would be comfortable, which would be waterproof!
Challenge 4 - How could we improve our aim? We practiced on the field aiming at hoops. The children then added different elements to their golf club to help make their aim more accurate e.g. magnifying glasses and compasses!
We were excited to pitch our new golf club idea! 
 Year 3 and Year 4
What an incredible week we have had this week! The children have worked incredibly hard to design, produce, evaluate and test their innovative designs. Everyday they have been presented with a new challenge with the aim of achieving as many medals as they could that day. Here of some examples of the challenges we have been faced with:

Challenge 1: Which Material will pass the test?
On this day we explored a variety of materials and chose the materials that would be best suited to their design. We ran a scientific enquiry to decide which material had the best grip in order to meet the design criteria. 

Challenge 2: Can you measure circumference? 
The children had their mathematic heads on for Tuesday's challenge as we measured and collected a variety of data including hand span, hand length and wrist circumference. We then found the average measurement for our class and created bar charts to evaluate our findings. 
Challenge 3: Sew, sew, sew! 
Today's challenge was all about developing our creativity, patience and sewing skills as we used overcast and running stitch to  create our gloves.
Challenge 4: Can you programme a Micro-bit? 
We developed our computer skills and our programming skills by creating different codes for our Micro-bit in order for it to change colour, flash and produce sound. The children had so much fun using the Micro-bit in their glove and creating videos for the pitch. 

We can't wait to see who wins STEAM Week...Are you ready to find out? 
Year 1 and 2 - Lightning Strikes!
We have had an amazing time during STEAM week! The children in KS1 have worked incredibly hard whilst having lots of fun testing, designing, producing and evaluating their innovative product. Everyday we had a new challenge linked to science, technology, engineering, art or maths. We had to learn new skills and knowledge for the challenge in order to achieve as many medals as we could that day. Our challenges were all linked to our product - designing and producing a helmet suitable for many sporting events in the Olympic Games. Here are some examples of our challenges. 
Challenge 1: How big is your head? 
We had to measure our friends' heads accurately in cm and then blow up a balloon to the same circumference. 
Challenge 2: How gloopy is the gloop? 
We had to use our knowledge of fractions to create the correct mixture of glue and water to make paper mache. We then covered our balloon 'heads' in paper mache. 
Challenge 3: How handsome is your helmet? 
We had to research current helmets; the materials used, shapes, features and functions. We then designed our own helmets. 
Challenge 4: Which helmet will survive? 
We tested a range of helmets made from different materials to see which materials made the safest, strongest, most durable helmet. 
Challenge 5: Can you persuade the Dragons to invest in our product?
Once we had made our final product we wrote a script for an advert. We then used green screen technology to create a short advert to be presented to the Dragons Den! 
Year 5 and 6 - Top Dogs!

We have invented a brand new sport especially for the 2024 Olympics! Our sport is Hovercrafting! Last Thursday - at the Discovery Museum - we built our very own life size hovercrafts. We decided to bring the idea back to STEAM Week.
Challenge 1 - How do bikes move?
Oscar - "We discussed how bikes move and why they have different components. Bikes have wheels which slowed us down so we started planning our hovercraft sport."
Challenge 2 - Are those who do not think outside the box too easily contained?
Lizzie - "We made mini-hovercrafts and conducted an experiment to see what surface the hovercrafts moved best on. We found that it glided best on a whiteboard surface or a polished wood surface."
Challenge 3 - What makes your design special?
Will - "We made our own products for hovercrafting and made scripts to prepare for our Dragon Den pitches. We also discussed what made our design unique to our sport."
Challenge 4 - What is your body telling you?
Simapreet - "We programmed MicroBits to record our steps (like a pedometer). This would help Olympic runners to test their fitness and long jumpers who can only take a certain amount of steps before jumping.

We are excited to see who will come out on top!
STEAM Week 2021 Winners!
1st - Year 3
2nd - Year 2
3rd - Reception
As for the losing teams ...