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Year 1

Welcome to the Year One class blog from Miss Williamson and Year One!
Make sure you come back next week to see all of the wonderful things we have been doing.
Week 6
Thursday 15th July
This week, Year 1 were designing an innovative product for the Olympic games in Tokyo 2021. We decided that we were going to make helmets because 16 of the sports played in the Olympics needs protective head wear. A multipurpose product!
We started by making abstract art, painting around cups to make the 5 rings and printing them. We also used oil pastels to make our own torches.

Then we applied our first coat of paper mache... it wasn't looking good. Another day and another coat... they started to take shape! Finally, we applied a thick layer of paint.
Our helmets started to take shape. We decorated them and made them look great with a visor and a chin strap.
Then we thought it would be best to put them to the test! So we played a game of rounders to make sure they worked.
Finally, we pitched our design to the dragons. Are you out? Or are you in?

Miss Williamson would like us to let you know that all of this wouldn't be possible without the support from the families. We have had such a fantastic week! 
Week 5
Thursday 8th July
Unfortunately this week Year 1 were at home. But that didn't stop us from having lots of fun on Teams!
In English, we have set up our own at home circus and used persuasive writing techniques to create posters and adverts to convince people to come. We started by identifying features, uplevelling our writing using our senses for description and finally making the most amazing posters.
In Maths, we have been looking at fractions and consolidating quarters and halves. The children were brilliant at this.
We even dressed up for the England v Denmark game. As promised, check out the collage of photos below!
Week 4

Thursday 1st July

This week we have been getting up to lots of exciting things. There have been several writing opportunities based around our trip as well as some active PE lessons.

This week we have been writing our leaflets about visiting Gosforth Nature Reserve. We have been encouraging others to visit and do all the amazing things we did, including bird watching and pond dipping. Children explored the features of leaflets, including using paragraphs, subheadings, maps and descriptive adjectives. They then applied this in their writing. We are hoping to display these in school so keep your eyes peeled on our school Twitter!

In Maths we have been doing telling the time to half past. Miss Williamson was blown away with how much we have remembered! Here is our favourite Supermovers clip for you to engage with at home:

Finally, we have begun to apply our batting and bowling skills in PE to a mini rounders game. Children are getting to grips with the rules for this sport but it is proving lots of fun, especially in the sunshine!

Week 3
Thursday 24th June 
What a fantastic week we have had in Year 1 this week. It was trip week! Yay!
We got on the big coach to Gosforth Nature Reserve. The children loved looking out the window and seeing what they could spot.
Then we did a scavenger hunt to see what we could collect. We used this to make some beautiful collages back in class which are displayed in our Science area.
After that, we headed down towards the pond area where we did pond dipping. Be careful not to fall in!
Finally, we went bird watching. We had to be super quiet to spot the swallows that were nesting underneath our feet.
Week 2
Thursday 17th June 
What a fantastic week we have had in Year 1 this week.
In English we have been continuing our work on the short film The Bridge. We started the week by looking at the setting and gathering as many adjectives as we could for our setting description. The children then wrote their own version of the story, thinking about why the bear was so grumpy. We thought he might have been hangry from a long, cold hibernation!
In Maths the children have been looking at multiplication and division. It is so wonderful at this point in the year to see the children making connections between multiples, counting in twos and fives and multiplication! They applied this knowledge to one step word problems. Fantastic work!
In RHE children were introduced to the Trinity and what it meant to them. They created some beautiful pieces of artwork.

In RE we made prayer stones and wrote our own prayers as part of our 'I'm Sorry' topic. We shared these with each other outside!
Week 1
Thursday 10th June 
Welcome back Year 1! It is the first week of the summer term and the weather has been glorious. We have been out as much as possible enjoying our learning in the sunshine.
In English we have been looking at the short film The Bridge. We started the week by building our own bridges and taking on the role of the bear and the elk. Our film has no words so we had to think about what the unhappy elk and the grumpy bear could be saying. Maybe they were enemies before?
In PE we have started our summer batting and fielding game of rounders. Children practised their under arm throw for bowling.
In Music we have Animal Pageant pay us a visit. The children got to play on the African drums!
Week 6
Thursday 27th May 2021
This week in Year 1 we have been looking at transport poems. Children have collecting adjectives to describe the different transport vehicles and then planned and wrote their own poem. Zoom!
In Maths, we have been looking at tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams. Miss Williamson has been blown away with how fantastic we are at handling data. Have a look at our practical lesson today!
In History, we finished our Great Fire of London topic off by comparing this to the Great Fire of Gateshead in 1854. We even got to interview a fireman and police man from the time!
Finally, we have been using watercoloured pencils to look at the differences between deciduous and evergreen trees. Some beautiful artwork!
Week 5
Friday 21st May 2021
This week has been Superhero Week in Year 1! Children dressed up and made comic strips based on a range of superhero stories, including Supertato. They had so much fun reviewing adjectives and conjunctions in English.
We have also been busy in our foundation subjects too. We have been coding in Computing and classifying deciduous and evergreen trees in Science. Finally, we wrote newspaper articles about the Great Fire of London. This is a topic the children have loved and were very excited about showing how much they knew.
The children have asked if I could share the link to the coding website so that they can access this at home: 
Week 4
Friday 14th May 2021
Another fantastic week in Year 1! Read on to hear about all the wonderful things we have done.
In English we continued with our superhero 'Supertato' and planned our own stories based on the theme. We created our own Evil Pea character... did you know some vegetables are frozen for a very good reason? The children have really got into this story and it was wonderful to see all of those adjectives in their writing.
In Maths we have been consolidating our learning on position, direction and movement. We took the lesson outside to practise our directions.
The children were then introduced to our new measurement unit on volume and capacity.
In Science we have been learning about deciduous and evergreen trees. We went on a tree hunt and classified the leaves from these trees. How many can you spot on your walk to school?
We have been continuing with our DDMIX dance unit. This week was balances. The children used their bodies to make different bridges and animals. Can you guess what they are?
It has also been Mental Health Awareness Week this week. The theme of this week is nature so we have talked about how we can look after our mind as well as our bodies. We have created a feelings box; children can put in positive feelings they want to share. We also created a little garden in our classroom where each child used water coloured pencils to create a mindfulness colouring sheet of a terrarium. These are displayed in our classroom to help bring nature in!
Week 3
Friday 7th May 2021
This week has been one of my favourite weeks in Year 1! It has been so wonderful to see how interested they are in all our topics and the lovely books about The Great Fire of London that they have brought in. We also had Number Day with NSPCC and our special, green friend... BUDDY!
We have started our new book 'Supertato' and next week will be writing our own superhero story about a super hero vegetable of our own. When we came back from the Bank Holiday, the Evil Pea had left us a message. We made our own potato superheroes to save our pears! Then we pulled out all the features of a superhero story before we created story maps of our own.
In Maths, we have been learning about position, direction and movement. We have learnt our left and right and been practising our quarter turns, half turns and full turns.
Finally, we had Number Day with NSPCC. We smashed our Buddy Challenge in 7 minutes and 2 seconds. Can you find Buddy in Forest School?
For our History, we continued to learn about The Great Fire of London using artefacts. We looked at different sources to help us. Follow the link to play along at home:
For our Plants topic, we have been looking at the different parts of a plant. We disected some garden plants looking for the stem, roots, leaves, bud, seeds and petals. We then made our own models using play dough.
It is also the month of Mary so we went into Forest School to look at the images and say a prayer. We have been practising the Hail Mary this week too.
Week 2

Friday 30th April

This has been one of my favourite weeks of the term! I have loved seeing the children so enthusiastic and motivated in their learning and activities. Read on to find out some of the fun things we have been doing!


We have continued with our instructional writing this week and wrote some amazing instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth! We needed some help testing them out so we borrowed Poppy, the school dog, to make sure our steps were right. We included time conjunctions, imperative verbs and lots of description to help!


Continuing on from our Place Value topic, we have been looking at tens and ones. We have really focused on understanding representing numbers, working out one more and less using resources then applying this learning in different ways. We even went to Forest School to use natural materials. A stick was a ten and a leaf was a one. Something fun to try at home too!


In Art we are looking at famous sculptors. We learnt about the statue of David. Oh no! His head broke! We had to design a new head to replace it.

Commando Joe’s

We finished the week with our Commando Joe’s day. Simba set us some challenges to complete in the African Savannah. It tested our problem solving, communication and team work skills!

First we made animal masks to help us get into role. We used these in our challenges, including the obstacle course across the African desert.

Then we had to build a hyena trap to help Simba escape the elephant graveyard.

Next we had to help Simba escape a stampede! We built a bridge to help him cross the river where the crocodiles roamed. On the way, we had to collect bugs (balls) to keep our energy up… watch out for the red poisonous ones!

Finally, we made our own obstacle course to get back to Pride Rock where the Commando Joe’s bear was! We even challenged ourselves to do this blindfolded. Miss Williamson was so impressed with how we used kindness, understanding and communication to support our peers to get across.

Remember to keep reading to get yourself on our reading ninja wall! Use this long weekend to do lots of reading before books are changed on Tuesday.
Children can come into school from 8:45. During this time they have the chance to read with an adult, it would be fantastic if you could support us and make sure that the children are there and ready to go.

Have a lovely bank holiday! See you next week.

Week 1
Friday 23rd April
Welcome back to the summer term and our week 1 blog!
This week we had a special delivery of a live animal. We found a woolly mammoth in Year 1! He came with some meadow fresh shower gel, a toothbrush and tusk whitener. We had to sequence the instructions and figure out how to wash him.
We have learnt all about the features of instructions, including imperative verbs and prepositions. We are looking forward to writing our own next week!
We have been doing lots of problem solving in Maths this week! We have been counting forwards and backwards to 100.
We planted our broad beans and are observing their growth over the next few weeks. Check back to find out who has the tallest bean!
In PE we have been playing badminton. We are super competitive and loved playing for points. We had to walk to the end of the yard, lie down and come back to our team without dropping the shuttlecock.
Important message regarding reading books:
In order for your child to have reading books over the weekend, reading books will now be collected and changed on a Monday. Your child should continue to bring them daily so that they can read with an adult.
Week 6
Thursday 1st April
Happy Easter Year 1! You have had a fantastic return to school and we have loved having you all back in the classroom. 
In Computing, we had a workshop with Gem Education. We have been looking at stories by the well-loved author Simon Bartram. In this workshop we used Book Creator to adapt 'The Man on the Moon' and add in our own rockets and aliens.
In English, we wrote our own adventure story about visiting our own planet. Bob went to the planets we designed and found his best ever friend. We had furry friends, slimey friends, spotty friends and bright green friends!
In Maths we have been applying our knowledge of multiples (counting in 2s,5s and 10s) to multiplication and division. We took Miss Williamson's Easter Challenge which was an Easter themed problem every day too! We have learnt about grouping and sharing. We shared the muffins equally between the groups and wrote our stem sentences. 
We have also had our eggtastic decorate an egg competition. See below our winners! 
But we were all winners as we got to have a phonics egg hunt at the end of the week. We had so much fun!
Have a fabulous holidays and I will see you in the Summer term.
Week 5

Friday 26th March

One more week until Easter! Next week is Holy Week and we have some lovely activities planned in Year 1. But for this week, take a look at what we have been up to…


In English, we have been reading Bob’s Best Ever Friend by Simon Bartram (a well-loved author in our class). We are building up to write our own adventure story just like him. We started our week with an immersive hook. We explored the different planets and thought about adjectives to do with their texture. We had so much fun! This helped us in our writing as we then used this to label the images of the different planets with lots of wow adjectives. Ask us to describe Venus, Mars, Uranus and the Moon.

In fact, we loved it so much that some of us made a solar system on the yard at break time!


In Maths we have been continuing with our work on counting in multiples of two, five and ten. We have been outside playing games to practise this. We have been using paint to make groups of ten. Lots of active ways to practising our counting.


We made our final product! Check out our moving cars below.


We created some beautiful artwork as part of our RE topic. We loved using the water colours to make a colourful background for our cross.
Over the past few weeks we have been mindfulness colouring, making lent promise chains and making crosses in forest school all as part of our Weekly Lenten Reflections.

Finally, we ended the week on such a high. The ice cream man visited St Charles' and we all got to have a sweet treat in the sun. 

Make sure you get involved with our design an egg competition! The children have had some lovely ideas of what they could do today. Make sure you bring them in on Wednesday 31st to be judged.

Another fantastic week Year 1! Keep up the amazing work, Miss Williamson is so impressed.


Week 4
Friday 19th March
Wow! Another fantastic week in Year 1! We have impressed Miss Williamson so much with our return to school.
This week in Maths we have been counting in multiples of two. We were fantastic at this! First we used the numicon to make a really long number line. Then we made groups of two and did this pictorially. Finally, we then challenged ourselves and completed a problem solving maze. You had to make sure you were colouring only the multiples of two to get out!
After our fantastic school trip to Mars, this week the children wrote a recount of their trip. There were some super Handwriting Heroes. Keep practising your perfect formation at home Year 1!

Linking to our English, we have been practising our skills on Word. We have been writing fact files about Mars. We learnt how to insert images this week.
We celebrated our World Book Day Quiz champion (pictured below). They chose 'Bob's Best Ever Friend' by Simon Bartram. We are loving his books at the moment.
We also visited the library. This was a lovely time in our week to curl up with a good book and enjoy some reading for pleasure. If you still have some library books at home please make sure you bring your old ones in on Monday, thank you.
Finally, we had such a funny Friday telling all of our jokes to our class mates. The finalists are pictured below. What does a Dalmatian say after it has eaten its dinner? That hit the spot!
Week 3

Friday 12th March

Welcome back Year 1!

I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see all your smiling faces and have the classroom full of life again this week. We have been very busy this week with lots of fantastic learning, read all about in our first blog back.


In Maths we have been learning about mass and weight. We have been using balance scales and non-standard units to weigh different objects in our classroom. We love to do Maths investigations like this because we get to use all our fantastic mathematical language; heavier than, lighter than and equal.


In English, something strange happened! This weekend, our caretaker Mr Siou found something unusual in the yard. When he checked the CCTV look what he found!

We have loved reading Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. We met him on World Book Day. We had lots of clues and pictures that we had to use to try and guess what our text was going to be…

We also found out that we have a ticket booked to Mars. Unfortunately, we cannot go until July 2026 but we can write a recount about our ‘pretend’ trip to Mars.

Design and Technology

In DT, we have been learning about moving vehicles. To kick us off this week, we made porotypes using called axles and wheels. This allowed us to plan our ideas.


Finally, we enjoyed ourselves with a song and dance outdoors and socially distanced of course. I have attached the lyrics to the songs we will be learning in class so that you can practise at home!

Remember to bring your reading books and record in everyday should an adult want to read with you at school.

I would like to say a huge well done to Year 1 and their fantastic return! They have achieved so much and should be so proud of themselves.

Happy New Year!
During this lockdown blogs will not be updated weekly while we continue to teach in school and deliver home learning. I hope you understand. We look forward to welcoming all the children back soon.
Week 13

Friday 18th December 2020

Our final full week before Christmas and what a week it has been! Read on to find out all of the amazing festive fun we have had.

Firstly, I wanted to send a huge thank you for the very thoughtful gifts the Year 1 team received. I am very appreciative of all of the support over this term and believe the biggest gift has been educating your wonderful children.

Forest School

In Forest School this week, we used the natural materials to make Christmas trees. We used sticks and twigs to create a design and then tidied them together with ribbon. We think they decorate our outdoor area nicely!


We started the week very confused. Where was Jingle Jim our class elf? We followed the clues to Forest School where we found him in a tree! He had left us a letter telling us that Santa had lost all of our letters. But, we were not sad for long as Jim told us he was going to deliver our letters personally. Over the next few days he rested before his big trip to the North Pole. Meanwhile, we looked at the features of a good letter and wrote our own.


In maths we were looking at quarters and spent time quartering some objects, shapes and quantities. We ended the week by sharing amounts between four equal parts of a paper plate to consolidate our understanding.


As part of our catch up curriculum, we focused on Working Scientifically by bringing elements of enquiry and curiosity into our experiment. We have been looking at polar bears and how they stay warm in the freezing temperatures. We began by thinking about what a good question to investigate would look like. We learnt about the six different types of enquiry. We then selected two approaches. First, we began by researching using secondary sources. From real scientists and the websites like the National Geographic channel, we learnt that polar bears have some very cool features to help them! We then conducted our own experiment to see if blubber really does keep you warm. However, our favourite part was checking in on the polar bear tracker to see what they were doing.

Have a look for yourself:

We also created some art work based on our furry friends!

Finally, normality returned as we ate Christmas dinner, wore Christmas jumpers, had a visit from Santa and partied together!  

Week 12
Friday 11th December 2020
We are nearly at the end of Autumn 2 therefore I would like to take this opportunity to say huge congratulations to Year 1 for their amazing attitudes, progress and love for learning this term.
In English we have been writing character descriptions based on The Smartest Giant in Town. Over the past few weeks we have collective lots of lovely adjectives and language to include. We really impressed Miss Williamson with out fantastic writing! We ended the week thinking about the journey George the giant took from rags to riches. Are there any other stories like this? Cinderella! We compared both rags to riches stories to find similarities and differences.
In maths we have been looking at some tricky fractions. We have been halving objects, shapes and quantities. We know that a half is a whole split into two equal parts!

Design and Technology
As we come to the end of our design unit, we have been thinking about creating a chair for Goldilocks. We have designed, made and evaluated our product. Have a look at some of the fantastic models made!
Forest School
We were lucky enough to visit Forest School this week and have a campfire with hot chocolate to warm us up. We made a star campfire! Did you know there are four types of campfire? Ask us which ones we made with the natural resources in Forest School.
However, our mischievous elf called Jim has been causing mayhem in Year 1 again. Take a look at what he got up to this week below!
Finally, we finished the week with Christmas Jumper Day and some socially distanced singing on the yard. We danced, laughed and smiled to all of our Christmas favourites. As we were practising, a rainbow appeared.
Have a lovely weekend Year 1 and I will see you in school on Monday for a week of exciting winter themed activities!
Week 11

Friday 27th November 2020

Well done Year 1, you have shone this week with your amazing work in all areas! 


In English we have been writing instructions on 'How to make a gingerbread man'.  We started the week by engaging our senses, smelling cinnamon sticks, ginger and sampling some gingerbread men. We wrote some sentences using the vocabulary we collected. We then identified the features of non-fiction writing before writing our own.


This week we have been continuing multiplication, looking at arrays. We started the week by doing it practically before recording it in our books. We then began to think about our next topic which is division. We looked at halving and sharing the cubes.


In Music we have been continuing with our song 'Hey You' and looked at another hip hop song called 'Me, Myself and I'. The children really enjoyed dancing along, clapping to the pulse and finding the beat.

Finally, remember to keep reading at home to move up our Reading Ninja Wall. 


We have had a special delivery this week! Our Elf on the Shelf has been isolating with Pip in Mrs Higgin's office for 10 days, ready to surprise the children next week.

Week 10

Friday 20th November 2020

Congratulations Year 1 for another fantastic week! Read on to hear all of the amazing things we have done this week.


In English we have been planning, writing and editing our own tale of fear! It was lovely to see the children get so involved with creating their own characters who were anxious, worried and nervous just like Scaredy Squirrel.


This week we have been looking at multiplication. We started the week by making doubles and recording these on a whiteboard. We also did some fantastic problem solving! We then looked at making equal groups. We played lots of games to help us understand grouping.

Design and Technology

In D&T we have been continuing to think about what a 3D structure is and needs. We came up with lots of ideas on how to strengthen our structures. We used pasta and marshmallows to build 3D structures. Sticky work!


We have been looking at the human and physical features of our local area. We have listed all the things we may find in two different areas, Regent Farm Road and Forest School. We then went on a walk, virtually and around the school grounds, to see if we could spot any more.


Linking to our English, we have been using an app called Puppet Pals to retell the story of Scaredy Squirrel. We really enjoyed listening to our voices back and watching the character, Scaredy Squirrel, move on the page.

Finally, I hope that you have been able to access Teams to find the spelling overview for this term. A printed copy was sent home on Monday as well. Make sure you are practising every week for our test on Friday.

Week 9

Friday 6th November 2020

It is already week 9 and we have so much to tell you! Please read about all of the amazing things we have done this week.


In English we have been reading a story about a scared squirrel called Scaredy Squirrel who is terrified of the unknown. We have collected lots of amazing adjectives to describe this character and considered the advantages and disadvantages of leaving the nut tree. Next week we are really looking forward to writing our own tale of fear!


This week we looked at 3D shapes and learnt about the faces, vertices and edges of common shapes. We were really good at reasoning and have begun to use ‘because’ in our answer to make us super mathematicians! Ask us what the difference between a square based and triangular based pyramid is.


In PE we moved on from dynamic balances to look at coordination with equipment. It was really important that we had complete control over the ball. We perfected our stances, rolled the ball to our partner and challenged ourselves to see if we could roll it at the wall for it to come back.


This week we ventured into Forest School for our Science lesson on materials. It was great to see the children so engaged as they were motivated to find all of the items on their checklist. My personal favourite was ‘find something that makes a good noise’ as the children were so inventive, using sticks to make music on the metal and wood.

Finally, we finished the week with a bang as we celebrated Children in Need! It was wonderful to see all of the children dressed up or down in their pyjamas.


I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the homework updates for Year 1.

Children should be reading every night and having their reading record signed by an adult so they can move through our Reading Ninjas! 
Children should be practising their spellings daily in their spelling homework book. This book no longer needs to be returned to school - please keep this at home for home practise only. 
All spellings for the full half term have been uploaded to the class materials folder in Teams so you always have access to them for the purposes of home practise and a paper copy will be sent home on Monday 16th November. 
Spellings will still be tested in a quiz on Fridays. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Week 8

Friday 6th November 2020

Welcome back Year 1! I have loved hearing about what you have been up to over the past week.


In English we have been writing sense poems all about fireworks. The children watched a virtual fireworks display, collected adjectives to describe them, sorted them into their senses and wrote their own poems. We even performed Crackle! Spit! by Marie Thom with actions. How many can you remember?

I hope you will all be listening out for all of the lovely sounds we talked about in class this weekend. Bang! Sizzle! Pop!


In Maths we have been exploring 2D shapes and will be moving onto 3D shapes next week. We have been on a shape hunt, completed a shape sort and even done some tricky problem solving involving quadrilaterals. Please ask us what a 2D shape is. This linked into our Design and Technology lesson as we were making 3D nets.


Linking to our English, this week we were introduced to our new unit called 'Animation'. We were surprised to learn that some of the clips Miss Williamson showed us were made using a technique called stop motion. We then used playdough to create stop motion fireworks displays. Have a look at some below! We think we did a pretty good job!

Mission Day

We also had our Feast Day for St Charles this week. Thank you to everybody who brought in cardboard boxes, we had so many! First, we learnt about what a mission was and all became missionaries on a journey to deliver a message. Sticking with the genre of poetry, we wrote acrostic poems using adjectives and key words from our school’s mission statement. Then we designed a badge for our school. Then we made our designs using oil pastels. Our favourite part was making them 3D with a banner.

Thank you for reading so much and so often, this has meant the children have come back with a love and desire to read. Please continue to do this through the weeks.
To ensure we are fostering this love of reading, we will be visiting the library lots more this term. Our next slot is Friday 13th November. If you could please make sure that school library books are returned to school before this date so that we can quarantine them, thank you.

Finally, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful start to this half term and say a huge well done to Year 1 for having such a fantastic week!

Week 7

Friday 23rd October 2020

This is our final blog post of Autumn 1 and it is a good one! We have been up to some exciting things this week and can’t wait to share them.

Commando Joe’s

At the beginning of the week, there was a mysterious package dropped off by what looked like the army. As a team we went to investigate. We found a large box full of equipment to help us complete our TOP SECRET missions which were all linked to Traditional Tales. First, we had to rescue Goldilocks from the deep, dark forest where she had gotten lost. She needed help crossing the river so we used the equipment to build bridges. Then we had to help Jack collect the treasure by building a pathway across the beanstalk, past the sleeping giant, to the coins. The gold balls were worth the most points but to get them we had to read a red word. Finally, we had to scale the beanstalk. We completed this mission outside and used the equipment to build pathways and bridges across the different sections. It was very interesting to see what equipment each group selected for the different parts of the beanstalk. Luckily, we were able to save all the characters and complete our missions before it was time for lunch… yum porridge.

Geography: Our School

This week we spent two afternoons completing our Geography project about ‘Our School’. This has created a good base for next terms topic ‘Our Local Area’. We have used the Bee Bots to explore positional language and even turned ourselves into human Bee Bots giving our partners instructions. We also created treasure maps for the Forest School. Our favourite activity was using Google Maps to study the road that our school is on as we got to see how some of the buildings have changed or stayed the same.

History: Thomas Edison

Towards the end of this week, we were able to spend two afternoons completing a project on a significant individual called Thomas Edison. We were really interested in his inventions and what it meant to be an inventor. We created timelines of his life. Did you know that Thomas Edison was partially deaf? We then interviewed the inventor by considering what questions we would ask him if he was here today. We went on a virtual school trip to Cragside, creating links with our local history, and learnt about Robert Swan who introduced the light bulb here. Did you know that Thomas Edison took Robert Swan to court over the light bulb design? Finally, we created gripping adverts to advertise the NEW light bulb.

Your child will be coming home with additional reading books for the half term. Please ensure you continue to read with them during the holidays as I have been so impressed with how engaged the children have been with reading widely and for pleasure.

After the half term, we will be completing our Mission Day. I would like to ask if you could start collecting cardboard, in the form of cereal boxes etc., for your child to use at school. If you could bring this to school before the 4th November, this would help us greatly when completing some of the craft activities we have planned.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Year 1 for the amazing start we have had to the year. They have made so much progress in settling back into school routines and I can tell we are going to have a fantastic year because of this. I cannot wait to see what we get up to in Autumn 2!

Week 6
Friday 16th October 2020
Thank you for checking in with our blog this week. We have been up to lots of amazing things that we can't wait to share with you.
This week we had a break in! Our classroom was taken over by the Gingerbread Man who left flour, crumbs and clues all through school. We tracked him to the Forest School where we found 9 clues about his journey. Over the course of the week, we have been exploring positional language and time conjunctions in preparation for writing a set of instructions to help him escape next week.
In Art we have been apply our knowledge of different mediums to create texture. This week we explored the medium of oil pastels in our sketchbooks before creating our final piece which was a 3D apple on black card. Miss Williamson was blown away by our ability to apply all of the techniques we have learnt such as cross hatching, back and forth and stippling. 
In our PE lessons, we have been sequencing dynamic movements on the large apparatus. It has been lovely to see how over the course of the half term our confidence has grown.
Finally, we finished our 'Victorian Nurse' topic which all children have been so engaged with. This week we compared the two nurses, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, we have looked at previously. We then were introduced to Edith Cavell, a nurse in World War One, who helped both sides. We used conscience alley to explore the different points of view. 
We interrupt this blog post to bring you your top secret mission! Next week we will be running our Commando Joe's missions as part of our RHE curriculum. Children will be introduced to the tasks using a gripping hook before completing a series of missions linked to 'Traditional Tales'. Please make sure children attend in their PE kits on Tuesday.
Congratulations for another fantastic week Year 1!
Week 5

Friday 9th October 2020

Another fantastic week had in Year 1! We have impressed everyone this week from our amazing journey stories to our ability to make shapes with our bodies in PE. Read all about it on our blog.


This week in English our class story was taken over by a sneaky character called Little Blue Riding Hat. We looked at what features were important in a journey story such as story language and wrote our own version inspired by Little Red Riding Hood’s mischievous little brother.


In Maths this week we have been working really hard on using mathematical symbols correctly when representing number bonds to 20. We have even used our bodies to create human part whole models. Say it with me Year 1, 20 (clap)… 18 (click)… 2 (click)!


In PE this week, we completed a series of jumps from the large vault with Miss Williamson’s help. We were very brave and conquered our fears. By the end of the lesson, we were using the large vault to do half turns, full turns, star jumps, tuck jumps and pikes. Check out our action shots below.

Forest School

Finally, we attended Forest School where we learnt all about the animals that use our school as a home for their families. We decorated bug hotels and even made our own soft, warm nests for some mice. Let’s hope that they find some comfort from this cold weather.

I hope that you have all received your Teams login details and have been able to access it. I have uploaded the Spelling Homework to the ‘Assignments’ tab at the top of our Year 1 channel as well as providing a printed copy. If you would like to get more familiar with this online platform, please respond to the Spelling Homework Assignment with a picture showing me all the creative ways that you have been preparing for our weekly spelling quiz.

Congratulations for another amazing week! I am looking forward to Week 6!

Week 4

Friday 2nd October

We have had another fantastic week in Year 1 and can’t wait to update you on our blog!


In English, we have moved on from labels, lists and captions to start writing our own journey story. We started our week by venturing into the deep, dark woods to retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We really enjoyed playing the roles of the characters and began sequencing the events of Little Red Riding Hood’s journey. Towards the end of the week, we wrote our own setting description and Miss Williamson was blown away by the descriptive language we used. Next week, we are beginning to write our own journey story and we can’t wait!


In Maths, we have been representing numbers to 20. Please ask us what represent means as we have created our own catchy rhyme to help us remember to use all of the amazing mathematical language we have been taught. We then looked at ‘less’ and ‘more’ by comparing two groups of objects.


In PE, we had lots of fun moving at different heights. It became quite challenging when Miss Williamson introduced some obstacles. We really impressed not only Miss Williamson but ourselves and earned a Class Dojo point for perseverance. Keep up the good work!

Next Wednesday, we will be returning to Forest School to spend some time outdoors with Ms Owens. This is very exciting and we will be learning lots of great skills that we can then apply in the classroom such as team work, confidence building and resilience. Please make sure that on this day you are well prepared to brave the outdoors!

Lastly, we have started our Harvest collection so if you would like to donate anything we would be very grateful.

Well done Year 1! You are making yourselves and Miss Williamson very proud. 

Week 3

Friday 25th September

We have had an amazing week in Year 1 and made Miss Williamson very happy with all our hard work! We have had lots of exciting and engaging things happen that we can’t wait to share with you on our blog.


We started our week by venturing into Forest School to complete an Autumn scavenger hunt. Back in the classroom, we continued with our work on labels, lists and captions, creating our own Autumn Checklist based on the things we found. We then labelled the leaves we found in Forest School.

I would encourage you all to print out the checklist we created as a class and go on your own scavenger hunt. Happy hunting!


In Art, we looked at the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who was alive 500 years ago! He made portraits out of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. Miss Williamson was super impressed with how well we were able to talk about his paintings and the ones we liked and disliked. We were so inspired by his work that we made our own fruit faces to hang in our classroom.


To finish off the week, we went on a school trip. Can you guess where? We travelled all the way to the San Diego Zoo to watch live footage of the animals. We were able to see penguins, pandas, giraffes and owls. If you would like to check in on our animal friends the link you need is

We also had our first visit to the school library to choose some books to enjoy at home. This was a very exciting time for Year 1 and we really enjoyed sharing our choices with a friend.

Lastly, PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday. Text messages will be sent out as a reminder. Please ensure your child is sent to school in the appropriate PE kit as we will be attempting to go outside as much as possible.

Congratulations Year 1 for another fantastic week! I look forward to seeing you all in school on Monday.

Week 2

Friday 18th September 2020

This week in Year 1 we have been continuing to adjust to our rules and routines with lots of handwashing! I am so pleased with how well the children have responded to coming back to school. We have had a fantastic week and I am already looking forward to next week.


We started the week with a shape hunt in our classroom and on the yard. We found lots of shapes and were able to name them. Then we moved onto writing numbers to 20 in words and numerals. Make sure to ask us what a numeral is!


In English, we have been writing labels, lists and captions. We had lots of fun labelling parts of our bodies. We now know what a hamstring, stomach and lungs are.


In Science, we were very lucky to visit the Forest School to explore the changing seasons. While you are out in the garden or on a walk this weekend have a talk with your child about the changes they notice surrounding Autumn.

Next week Year One will be visiting the library and selecting a book to take home to enjoy. Remember as this is a bonus book, the children can choose whichever book they wish, so it may seem too hard or too easy for them to read but it is a sharing book to enjoy at home that reflects the children's own interest.