Year 1

Welcome to our Year 1 Class Blog! 
This will keep you updated with everything we have been up to in class and we will share some wonderful photos of us having fun! 
In our Math's lessons, we have been working hard on our number bonds and addition/subtraction facts within 20. 
We complete 'Daily 10' at the start of our lessons and if you would like to have a go at home follow this link: Daily 10 - Mental Maths Challenge - Topmarks 
Thursday 14th July
How do we only have one week left now? The year has flown by!
This week the children have enjoyed looking at our new class text 'Clean up!' in English. We have used this to inspire us for our persuasive writing this term, we are looking into plastic pollution in oceans. In Maths we have consolidated our learning on Fractions. Focusing on find half and quarter of different amounts and within shapes. In DT we have created our smoothie labels ready for our picnic with parents next week - we are very excited for this! We were very lucky to try some homemade elderflower juice from one of our class mates and they also brought in some rhubarb to show the class from her grandad's garden - thank you! 
Today we celebrated Bastille Day, learning some simple French greetings and creating pictures of the Eiffel Tower. 
Mrs Hague x
Thursday 23rd June
This week the children have been very excited with all the different challenges they have taken part in! We have a thief in school and we are looking for the missing crown jewels!
We have enjoyed Design Technology, Maths and Science activities all week. We have created an orb to keep the Queen's crown jewels safe so they can't be stolen again.
We are looking forward to the Dragons Den pitches tomorrow where we can share our design and crown the winners! 
Who will be getting dunked?
Join us at 2:45pm to find out! 
Enjoy your weekend,  Mrs. Hague! 
Thursday 16th June
This week we have explored a range of fruit and vegetables as part of our DT topic. We are preparing to make our own smoothies for a picnic with our parents in the coming weeks so, we tried some ingredients we might choose to use in our recipes next week.
In Maths we have been exploring multiplication and division by creating equal groups and arrays. In English we were using the Literacy shed stimulus 'The Bridge' to write our own prequal of the story. We have some fantastic imaginations in Year 1 and we have written some wonderful narratives! In PE, we are working on Athletics to prepare us for Sports Day coming up soon! 
In Computing we worked in pairs to make an informative video for Reception on Bee-bots and how they work.
In Science,  we investigated leaves on plants and if all plants have the same amount. We observed plants in forest school and on our school field to gather data. 
Have a nice weekend, Mrs Hague  
Thursday 26th May
What a wonderful end to the Summer 1 term! 
We have enjoyed finishing our art sculptures, wrote our transport poems and gathered data. We have all worked very hard this term and we celebrated this at our Jubilee Picnic today. Thankfully, the rain stayed away so we could all sing in the sunshine! 
Thank you for all your hard work Year 1! 
Enjoy your half term break, Mrs Hague x
Thursday 19th May
We've had a very busy week! 
Next week we have our Celebration Assembly with our parents and we have been working very hard to show them all the wonderful things we have completed in Year 1! we are all very excited! 

In English we have been getting ready to write our own Adventure story based on Supertato! We are writing them tomorrow after we planned our own new evil character today.
In Maths we have been consolidating our knowledge of Money in our Measurement topic, looking at different coins and comparing amounts. 
In History we learnt about the Great fire of Gateshead and Newcastle. 
Can you remember when it began? 

Tomorrow we have author Liz Million in for a very special workshop - we love reading and can't wait to meet her! 
Have a lovely weekend! 
Mrs Hague 
Thursday 12th April
We enjoyed a trip to Gosforth Nature Reserve to explore seasonal changes in habitats for our Science topic. We took part in pond dipping, mini beast hunts and we all had a very fun day! 
In Maths we have been focusing on Position and Direction using key vocabulary such as left, right, above and below to describe different objects and pictures! This has really helped us with our Coding Computer topic where we are moving characters and creating algorithms. 

In class, we received a letter from Evil Pea!
He kidnapped the vegetables from the kitchen and took our English books! We created our own Supertato superhero each to help try to stop him. We wrote some wonderful WANTED posters with excellent descriptions to put up around school. He was up to no good in class during the week but, we finally captured him! We are very excited for next week's English lessons. 

Our Rights Rucksack came back this week and we looked at some wonderful pictures from different outings, it's now been passed onto the next pupil ready for the weekend! 
Mrs Hague
Thursday 28th April
We're back and ready to go! 
This week we have jumped straight back into our fun and exciting topic hooks in English and Science. 
We have begun our Non-Fiction topic of instructions in English and explored 'How to wash a woolly mammoth'. We received some mammoth pictures in class covered in mud, sand and glue and had to wash them ourselves with lots of soapy water! We had lots of fun! We then explored the features of this type of text and the importance of chronological order.
In Science, we are exploring 'Seasonal Changes' looking deeper at Spring and Summer. We visited forest school to see if we could find any signs of Spring and enjoyed building dens. 
We're working super hard and can't wait to see what this term holds for us! 
Have a nice long weekend! x
Thursday 7th April
We have come to the end of our spring term...it has flown by! 
We have had a wonderful week filled with lots of exciting activities! We have all worked very hard with our reading and phonics,  I am so proud of you all! 
Miss Greatrex, who is a student teacher, has been in our class this term too and she has loved every second being with us and we wish her all the best in her new class in KS2 next term. 

Have a wonderful half term everyone! 
Mrs. Hague x
Thursday 24th March
We have had a very exciting week and the sun has been shining!

This week in English we have explored our Non-Fiction topic; we have planned our own recounts ready to write tomorrow. We looked back at pictures from Red Nose Day as this is going to be our topic. I will share some next week!
We went on the metro into Newcastle this week as part of our Geography topic. We explored the different landmarks in our local area and carried out a survey asking members of the public what was their favourite. We collected the data and presented it in a bar chart. 
In Math's, our measurement topic this week was mass and weight. We have used balance scales to measure and compare the different mass of classroom items and wrote some comparative statements.
We have had a wonderful week, well done Year 1! 
Mrs Hague
Thursday 10th March
We have had a wonderful week and the sun has been  shining everyday!
Let's hope it stays this way for the rest of Spring term! 
We have come to the end of our length and measure unit in Maths but, we will continue to recap this in the coming weeks as we will be measuring the growth of our beans shortly!
We planted beans in Science to begin our 'Plants' topic and discussed what plants need in order to grow. We will update you with some pictures each week. 
In Geography this week we used the atlases and maps to help us find the capital cities of the countries which make up the United Kingdom. We looked at different landmarks in these cities before we look at our in own in Newcastle next week. 
In Computing, we looked into changing font, size and colour of text in Microsoft Word, some of us are very quick using the laptops! 
Have a great weekend, 
Mrs Hague x
Thursday 3rd March 
This week we have explored our new topic in measure focusing on length and height. We have had lots of practical lessons identifying bigger/smaller, longer/shorter and taller. We have also looked at measuring using non-standard units using cubes, dominoes and counters. 

In English we have explored our new literary heritage unit exploring the history of Winnie the Pooh. We have really enjoyed reading about A.A. Milne's family life and how the story came to light. We have created story maps and character descriptions ready to write our own stories next week. 
For World Book Day we used the text Beegu. We loved the story about how Beegu lost her family and was just trying to make friends. We created our own lost posters incorporating a character description and our own drawing of her. In Art we then recreated our own version of the front cover's night time skyline. We ended the day with the Masked Reader and as a class we managed to get some of the teachers correct, but it was very hard! 
Have a great weekend :) 

Thursday 17th February
Thursday 10th February
We have really enjoyed our English lessons this week. We were exploring instructions using a hook from 'Where the Wild Things  Are'. We wrote our own set of instructions to make crazy monster sandwiches!

On Friday we will be making them in class so look out for some pictures!
In Science with Miss Hamer, the children were investigating poop! Yes, you read that correctly! 
We had to use tweezers to explore the contents and try to guess what animal it was from based on the type of things we found for example, seeds or bones etc.
To end our Islam topic in RE, we looked at Prophet Muhammad and different stories. We explore 'The Child and the Dates' and Mrs. Khanum kindly brought in some dates for the children to try.

Have a nice weekend! 

Mrs Hague x 
Thursday 3rd February
We have celebrated Chinese New Year 'Year of the Tiger' this week and the children had so much fun! 
We painted paper plates with tiger stripes and then used black to also write the character for Tiger on plates. We learnt so much about why we have the Zodiac calendar and how it all started.
Can you retell the story of Emperor Jade to a friend or adult?

We have once again loved our music this week. Franco and Steve brought the puppets in so we played along to different rhythms.
In Science we were investigating the different animals who are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We created some wonderful posters for our Science display. 
Can you remember what animals were omnivores?
We completed our own Traditional Tale in English this week, we have some children who wrote over 2 pages! The most we have ever had for a story in Year 1 this year, I am so impressed! 
Have a good weekend! 
Mrs Hague

Thursday 27th January
This week we have began our new English topic - Traditional Tales. We explored some different familiar stories and looked closer at Goldilocks and the Three Bears as our focus. We really enjoyed creating our own story maps. In Maths, we have been looking at time and we had great fun timing each other doing different activities such as writing our name and running round the yard. We are loving our Music lessons doing African Drumming with Steve and Franco.  In History we have enjoyed looking at new and old toys. 
Have a good weekend, Miss Bell :) 
Thursday 9th December
What a wonderful week! 
The children have worked very hard and were fabulous in their Nativity performance!
I can't wait for you to all see the recording when it is complete!
We have been working hard in Math's on Fractions - focusing on halves and making one whole.
In English we are looking at features of letters ready to write our own to Santa next week! 
Also, our elf Buddy has been up to no good in class, take a look! 
Have a lovely weekend x 
Thursday 2 December
This week we have had so much fun!
In DT we are focusing on structures and we used pasta and marshmallows to create the strongest and biggest free-standing structures! We also enjoyed a marshmallow or two afterwards as a treat! 
In Maths this week we have focused on Division and have used lots of resources to help us share equally and group in different amounts.
I hope the snow comes back as we have loved being outdoors making snowmen, look at the one we made this week!
We have also had a new visitor this week .... meet Buddy our Year 1 Elf! 
He is here to watch us until Christmas and is leaving treats in our advent calendar each day. 
Have a lovely weekend! 
Miss Bell :) 
Thursday 18th November
This week we have enjoyed exploring 3D and 2D shapes. We have sorted different images of everyday objects and looked at the different properties of the shapes. 
In English we are ending our week writing our own 'Tale of Fear' after we have read and explored 'Scaredy Squirrel'.
Can you tell a grown up about our story? 
We celebrated World Youth Day by listening to readings from Pope Francis and creating our own bunting with symbols and prayers related to the messages he gave us. We also celebrated Anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks on Monday and designing our own with kind messages on. We ended our 'Belonging' topic in RE by gathering for our collective worship in class. The children decorated their own Baptism candles to add to the focal point during our worship.
Can you tell a grown up about what happens during a Baptism? 
We are continuing to work hard on our nativity songs and dances and we can't wait to show everyone how good we are! 
Enjoy your weekend! 
Miss Bell :) 
Thursday 4 November
This week we have been very excited about Friday 5th November to see some fireworks! 
In English, we have been watching videos of them and exploring adjectives to write our own poems about them on Friday!
Can you tell an adult what an adjective is? 
In RE we explored our topic 'Belonging' by looking at Baptism. We took turns explaining in groups what happens.
Can you remember who holds the candle?
In Maths we have been solving some tricky problem solving questions with subtraction, we used resources to help us. 

In Computing we began our animation topic using the iPads and had great fun making our own backgrounds. 
We are starting to learn some songs for our Nativity and we are doing so well!
Enjoy the fireworks this weekend everyone!
Miss Bell x
Thursday 14th October
I cannot believe we are almost at the end of our first half term already! 
This week we have been very very busy! We received more letters from our Gingerbread man and we wrote our final set of instructions to help him escape the old lady! 
In history, we explored last weeks lesson on Mary Seacole and then compared her work and life to Florence Nightingale. We were very good and recalling facts. 
Can you tell an adult at home a fun fact about Mary or Florence? 
In Art, we created our final piece for our Giuseppe Arcimboldo topic trying to draw a pepper. We also had our Commando Joe's Day today and it was fantastic! 
We began with a scavenger hunt around school looking for clues. Then we completed Mission 1 - Helping Jack gather resources needed to grow the beanstalk. After lunch we completed Mission 2 - Collecting treasure whilst not waking the scary giant.
We have all had a fantastic week :)
Well done Year 1!
Thursday 7th October
What a busy week we have had! 
On Monday, we were disturbed by a mess left in our role play area! 
There were crumbs and Tim the caretaker had cordoned off the area. We had great discussions around why they were there and who may have left the crumbs behind. Some suggestions were Poppy, a mouse, a fox or someone having a party - it certainly wasn't me!  
Can you tell a grown up who you predicted it was? 
We then found a sign in our class room telling us to head to forest school, we were all very excited to find the clues!  We discovered many different clues but, we decided that it must have been the gingerbread man as the clues were all different parts of his story.
We have been writing instructions with time conjunctions and prepositions to help him this week as he wrote us two letters asking for our help in escaping the old lady trying to eat him! 
Hopefully, next week he writes to us again to let us know if he managed to get away! 
Miss Bell :)
Thursday 23rd September
This week we have enjoyed looking at our new narrative topic in English. We explored and predicted events in 'Little Red Riding Hood' before we read our new story. We then created a story map of Little Red's journey and we will be writing some character descriptions soon too!
In Science, our topic is 'Seasons' so we have been focusing on the weather and how it changes during the year. This week, we looked at the weather outside and set up our own rain gauge and wind vane in the yard to track the weather conditions over the week - there has not been much rain for a while now so our rain gauge is rather dry! 
Can you tell a grown up what season we are in and how you know? 
In History this week, we looked at Victorian Hospitals and recapped some details about Florence Nightingale's work. We explored what hospitals were like before she made changes during the Crimean War and couldn't believe some of the conditions!
Can you tell a grown up what hospitals used to be like in the Victorian times? 

Starting this week, the Mini Vinnies are collecting for CAFOD's Harvest Festival.
Thank you to those who have already brought in food donations! 

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Bell :) 
Thursday 16th September
We have had another great week in Year 1!
In English we have focused on lists, labels and captions. We enjoyed labelling some body parts on Miss Bell, Elsa and Superman in class. We wrote down lists of the ingredients and equipment needed to make jam sandwiches and made some ourselves!
It was a lovely treat to take outside on the yard at break time! 
In Maths, we have looked at different pictorial representations of numbers and wrote these out in numerals and words. 
Can you tell your grown ups what a numeral is? 
In Humanities, we looked closer at why Florence Nightingale was significant for nursing and wrote down the different things she did to make hospitals better.
Can you remember why she was called the lady with the lamp? 

Have a great weekend, well done for working hard! 

Miss Bell :) 
Thursday 9th September
We have had a great start to Year 1 this week and worked really well to follow some new routines for Key Stage 1. 
We have enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring our new classroom surroundings. 
the role play 'Hospital' area has been particularly popular and it links to our Humanities topic 'Victorian Nurses'.
I can't wait to see what we get up to next week...
Miss Bell :)