Year 1

Autumn 2 Week 3

We have been up to lots in Year 1 this week.

This week is Anti – Bullying Week with the theme Reach Out. On Monday we all came in with odd socks, it was great to see everyone’s bright, colourful crazy socks! We looked at who we could reach out to if we were being bullied or if we know someone who is being bullied. We created lovely posters with the names of the people who we can reach out to if we need to talk to someone. There are lots of people we can talk to at home and at school.

Who can we reach out to?

In English, we have focused on a Tale of Fear, looking at Scaredy Squirrel. We have worked hard on using lots of adjectives in our writing and we looked at lots of other words that mean the same as scared.

Can you think of another word for scared?

In RE, we came to the end of sacrament Baptism and we focused on the different symbols used. We have created our own wonderful prayers during our class liturgical prayer.

This week we have started to look at our chosen Nativity, ‘Angel Express’. We have begun practicing the songs and we will be finding out our parts this week ready for our performance in a few weeks… we can’t wait!

Well done for all your hard work, have a lovely weekend!

Miss Cowan

Autumn 2 Week 2

Year 1 have enjoyed looking at our new DT topic all about structures. We had a look at different structures and their features. We had a go at planning our own design for a windmill.

In maths we have started looking at subtraction, using a part part whole model to help us. Looking at how do we find the missing part if we know the whole number and one part, can you show your adult how to write a subtraction number sentence?

In English we have carried on looking at poems, planning our own senses poem. Today we wrote our final version of our sense’s poem, all about fireworks. Everyone has done a great job with their poems.

In PE we have been playing some invasion games, taking turns to be attackers and defenders. We have been practicing our passing skills. Learning how to kick the ball with the inside of our foot to pass to our friends accurately.

Can you explain to your adult what a defender does?

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Miss Cowan

Autumn 2 Week 1

We have had a very fun week in Year 1 this week.

In English we have been looking at a Poem all about fireworks called Crackle! Spit! By Marie Thom.

We thought about all of our senses and came up with lots of adjectives to describe fireworks. A lot of us think they are bright, sparkly and beautiful. We came up with actions for the poem to help us remember it.

Can you show your adult the actions we created for the Poem?

This week we have started our Geography topic, we started to look at our local area. We have begun looking at what aerial views and aerial plans are. We created some lovely maps of our classrooms, using symbols and a key.

Can you tell your adult what an aerial view is?

On Tuesday this week we had Commando Joe’s Day, we had a super fun day. As a class we completed 2 missions all about Jack and the Beanstalk. Our first mission of the day was to find the equipment we would need to grow our magic beanstalk. We had to use our teamwork and work together to find the correct equipment. Our second mission of the day was to help Jack get the treasure from the sleeping giant. Year 1 had to complete an obstacle course to sneak up on the giant and get the treasure. But if the giant woke, the treasure had to be returned and we had to escape. Throughout the day we used our teamwork, resilience, empathy and communication to successfully complete the challenges. Well done Year 1!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Cowan

Thursday 20 October 2022

Year 1 have been up to lots in the final week of half term.

At the end of last week, we had our Take One Picture art days. We had been looking at this year's chosen picture from the National Gallery and learning about the artist - Claude-Joseph Vernet and his painting “Shipwreck”. We even learnt a sea shanty and we completed our final pieces, they all looked lovely.

In English we have been looking at instructions this week, looking at the features of them and understanding why we use them.

Can you tell your grown up a feature of instructions?

After half term we are going to be writing our own instructions, to help the Gingerbread Man escape the old lady.

We have been using addition facts within 10 to help us write number sentences and looking at patterns such as if we know 6 + 4 = 10 then we know 4 + 6 = 10, we will also know that 10 = 6 + 4 and 10 = 4 + 6.

Today we had a lovely visit from Mrs. Nealings today, sharing some of her favourite toys from when she was a child to finish off our Old and New Toys history focus.

It was so nice to speak to everyone at Parents' Evening. I hope you have a wonderful half term!

See you on Monday 31st!

Miss Cowan 

On Monday, we were disturbed by a mess left in our role play area! 
There were crumbs and the caretaker had cordoned off the area. We had great discussions around why they were there and who may have left the crumbs behind.
Can you tell a grown up who you predicted it was? 
We then found a sign in our class room telling us to head to forest school, we were all very excited to find the clues!  We discovered many different clues but, we decided that it must have been the gingerbread man as the clues were all different parts of his story.
We have been writing instructions with time conjunctions to help him this week as he wrote us a letter asking for our help in escaping the old lady trying to eat him! 
Hopefully, next week he writes to us again to let us know if he managed to get away! 

We also had a special visit from the Teddy Bear Hospital this week. Where we learnt all about how to look after ourselves and our teddies, including brushing our teddies teeth.

Also, a big thank you for all the questionnaires we have received for our History lesson.  

Miss Cowan :)

What a busy week we have had! 

On Monday, we looked at the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We imagined we were in the deep dark woods. We described what we could see, hear, smell and feel. Some of us could hear the wolf and others could smell the brussel sprout soup Little Red Riding Hood was taking to Grandma’s house.

In art we became colour detectives, looking at our primary colours, and what colours we can create when we mix them.

Can you tell a grown up what are the primary colours?

Can you tell a grown up what colours you created?

In science we became weather reporters, reporting on this week’s weather… everyone was fantastic at this. We used the class rain gauge to see how much rain had fallen over the last couple of days… it was pretty full.


Have a great weekend!

Miss Cowan :)

This week we have enjoyed looking at our new narrative topic in English. We explored and predicted events in 'Little Red Riding Hood' before we read our new story. We then created a story map of Little Red's journey and we wrote some character descriptions too!

In Science, our topic is 'Seasons' so we have been focusing on the weather and how it changes during the year. This week, we looked at the weather outside and we made our own rain gauge and set it up in the yard to track the weather conditions over the week.
Can you tell a grown up what season we are in and how you know? 

It has been lovely to see some of you at the curriculum evening this week, for those who were unable to attend, the PowerPoint is attached and is also on the school website.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Miss Cowan :) 

We have had a great start to Year 1 over the last few weeks and worked really well to follow some new routines for Key Stage 1. 

We have enjoyed getting to know each other and exploring our new classroom surroundings, over the past couple of weeks.  

In English we have focused on lists, labels and captions. We enjoyed labelling some body parts on Miss Bell, Elsa and Superman in class. We wrote down lists of things we might see on our autumn walk around the school grounds.

We found lots of signs of autumn from orange leaves to helicopter seeds.

In Maths, we have looked at different pictorial representations of numbers and wrote these out in numerals and words. 
Can you tell your grown ups what a numeral is? 

Have a great weekend, well done for working hard! 

Miss Cowan 

We join with Bishop Robert and the whole of BBCET, to mourn the loss of our beloved Queen. We pray for the repose of her soul and for her family. We are very grateful for her years of service. We give thanks to God for everything she has done. May she rest in peace.