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Year 2

Summer 2 Week 3
It has been a very hot but exciting week in Year 2 and we have all been working very hard.
Our week started with a visit from Michelle who works at ASDA, she brought us lots of yummy food to try as we are designing wraps in DT.  We have also been learning about Reconciliation in RE and talking about forgiveness and what makes a good person, you can see some of our spiritual art in the pictures below. In English we have started to write recounts about our trip to Whitehouse Farm. We finished our week with a PE lesson in the lovely sunshine practicing our ball control skills.   
Whitehouse Farm 
To celebrate working so hard throughout their SATs Year 2 had a trip to Whitehouse Farm.  It was a fantastic day!  We started by handling a range of small animals including mice, guinea pigs and rabbits, after that we held some cockroaches and a beared dragon!  We had a tour around the farm, fed some very hungry goats and met some very cute little piglets. We even got to feed some baby lambs!
After meeting all the animals we had some time to play! There was a really fun park but the most fun was had sliding down a huge hill on rubber doughnuts. 
Year 2 had an amazing day and loved every minute of it! 
Summer 1 Week 4
We are busy in Year 2 at the moment preparing some artwork which will be going on display in the Discovery Museum, Newcastle. The theme of our art is 'Stronger Together' and we are working with Year 1 to produce a spectacular collage on canvas. We have all drawn a self-portrait to be displayed and are cutting up small pieces of materials to make a heart, the sea and trees - this will represent all areas of the Thomas Bewick Trust (Newcastle, Northumberland and North Tyneside) and show our trust themes of love, development, aspiration, collaboration and opportunity. 
It is looking fantastic so far! Stay tuned to see our finished piece and then pop along to the Discovery Museum in June to take a look for yourself. 
Spring 2 - Week 2
We have been focusing on 'Snow White in New York' as our writing stimulus this term. The children have been exploring the 1920's era in America through the Charleston dance and looking at some photographs of what New York looked like in those times.  We have focused on the characters to create some character profiles and watched some clips of Bugsey Malone to see how people would have dressed in those times. 
In Maths we have been focusing on position and direction; looking at different turns and movements including quarter and three quarter turns clockwise and anticlockwise. We have used our knowledge form our Computing Bee-bots sessions to help us. 
In RE, we have started our 'Thanksgiving' topic by looking at the four parts of Mass; we gather, we listen, we give thanks and we go forth. The children have also created some wonderful spiritual art using oil pastels.  
This week we began our DT sewing topic looking at our topic brief and completing our product analysis. We are looking forward to beginning our sewing skills lessons next week! 
We visited the Lenten prayer station set up by the Mini Vinnies in Forest school and created some wonderful crosses.
Last week, we also had a great World Book Day! Everyone made an amazing effort and the work created was outstanding! 
Great work this week Year 2! 
Mrs Hague
Spring 1 - Week 4 
We have really enjoyed our Art lessons this week. We have focused on the different facial features in our 'Drawing' topic. We have explored how to sketch an eye, nose and mouth. Mrs Nealings visited one of our Art lessons and was very impressed with the detail and work in our books - well done Year 2! We also introduced a new medium - charcoal! This was very messy but we looked at the different shading techniques we can use this for. 
In RE we held our liturgical prayer for the end of our 'Books' unit. We invited our parents in to join us and we gathered together to celebrate our favourite books. We had previously focused on Matthew's gospel story of Jesus' Baptism so used this as our Word during our prayer. Thank you for joining us this afternoon parents and grandparents! 
In Maths, we have now covered the 2's, 5's, and 10 times tables and looked at division facts. We have used arrays and grouping methods to support us with our working out - especially for some of the tricky problem solving questions we have had! Can you recall your times tables at home?
In  Humanities this week we have recapped Ibn Battuta's significance but also introduced a new explorer - Christopher Columbus.
Can you tell an adult a fact you can remember about him? 

Where did he travel to? Who gave him three boats?

Well done for all your hard work Year 2! 
Spring Term
Week 3 
We have had a wonderful few weeks in Year 2! 
We have completed our English Fiction topic on 'The Tunnel' and have now moved on to our Non-Fiction topic focusing on Explanation Texts. We are going to be writing a guide on how to look after a dog, we had Poppy visit us this week too!
 In Maths, we are continuing our topic of Multiplication and Division. We have looked at the 2 times tables and will move onto our 5's and 10's next week. 
We have had a wonderful week taking part in our Commando Joe's missions too, we looked at Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London as our topic and we worked very hard in our challenges!
In RE our topic is 'Books' we are focusing on the different books used in the Church and their purpose. We have explored the four different Gospels and what stories they wrote about Jesus' life. 
Well done for another great week Year 2!
Mrs Hague. 
Autumn 2 Week 7
Firstly, WELL DONE YEAR 2!
Two nativity performances completed and you were all amazing! I am so proud!
This week we have started our new English topic focusing on Poetry. We are exploring the story 'Where the Wild Things Are', we have wrote some wonderful character descriptions about Max and the monsters from the story.  In Maths we have continued looking at money. We have been comparing amounts, finding the money needed to make £1 and using subtraction to find change. 
In Computing, we have been completing our Green Screen pictures and have started our Book Creators. We are using our pictures to add into the Book Creator app to write our own stories. We are continuing to work on our Fairground wheels and are very excited to see our end products! We were also very lucky and had a visit from Santa who handed out some yummy chocolate treats! 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend in the snow! 
Mrs Hague :) 
Autumn 2 Week 5
This week we have started our new topic in English - Alternative Tales. We are building on our prior learning of Traditional Tales but with a twist! The children have enjoyed reading The Billy Goats Gruff from the Troll's point of view and discussing how it is similar and different to what we wrote previously. 
In Maths we have moved onto a new topic Measure - Money. We have looked at counting coins in pence, pounds and looked at notes. The children have used their addition knowledge from our previous Maths topic to help them work out some calculations quickly! 
In RE, we continued our Advent topic by describing ways in which we prepare for the birth of Jesus and compared this to how Isaiah prepared. We also enjoyed exploring the bible story about the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary and wrote our own speech bubbles with key details from the scripture. 
In DT we have started to create the first section of our Fairground Wheels, we used lolly sticks and tape and it was very fiddly! We have also enjoyed our Space Non-fiction text in reading skills and know lots of new information about our solar system. Come ask us! 
We are continuing to work hard on our Nativity and can't wait to perform for everyone! 

Enjoy your weekend! Mrs Hague!
Autumn 2 Week 4
This week we have started our new maths topic: Geometry - Shape. We have looked at a range of 2D and 3D shapes and explored their properties. We looked at everyday objects and organised them based on their properties and faces. Do you know how many vertices a cube has?

Our English topic is based on non-fiction persuasive writing. We have had a visitor in our class over the weekend and they have been dancing! We wrote some wonderful persuasive letters to try to get Hover to come back and visit us in class again soon!  Have you seen Hover anywhere?
In Science this week we investigated the different materials that we could use to make Ted's umbrella. We tested a range of materials by pouring water on them to see if they were suitable or not. 
Autumn 2 Week 2
This week we have been finishing our work on Addition and Subtraction for this term.
We are getting very quick with our number bonds and using this to help us with our calculations. We have used Base 10, 100 squares and counters to help with some tricky subtraction problems. 
Who has been trying some questions on their Mathletics?
In English, we have focused on Traditional Tales, looking at The Three Little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have worked hard on our descriptive writing using lots of adjectives, we look forward to writing our own version of the story tomorrow! 
In RE, we continue to look at the sacrament Baptism and we focused on the different symbols used. We have created some wonderful Baptismal garment designs and explained which symbols we have used and what they represent. 
This week, we have chosen our Nativity! We will begin handing out parts and practicing our lines for 'Angel Express' ready for our performance in a few weeks...we are all very excited! 
Have a lovely weekend, well done for all working so hard!
Mrs Hague 

Autumn 1 Week 6


We have started our instructions focus in English, looking at the features of them and understanding why we use them. Maybe you could follow some instructions at home like following a recipe or helping with some DIY. Next week we are going to be writing our own instructions.


We have been using addition and subtraction facts within 20 to help us write number sentences and looking at patterns such as if we know 12 + 8 = 20 then we know 8 + 12 = 20, we will also know that 20 – 8 = 12 and 20 – 12 = 8. We can even write it like 20 = 12 + 8 or 12 = 20 – 8.  We were so good at these that we started to look at number bonds within 100! 


Today and tomorrow are our Take One Picture art days. We have been looking at this year's chosen picture from the National Gallery and learning about the artist - Claude-Joseph Vernet and his painting “Shipwreck”. We have started to learn a sea shanty and tomorrow we will be making our final piece which we are excited to share with you at parents evening.


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Hague and Miss Salter

Autum 1 Week 5 


Year 2 have had a fantastic week in English continuing with the text Flat Stanley, writing letters! We have pretended to be Stanley and written to our friend in California asking him to come to England to visit, listing all the fun things Stanley can do now that he is flat. Keep a look out for our Space Day letters tomorrow which we think will be out of this world!


Our maths unit on place value has finished so we are now going to be focusing on addition and subtraction. Our last few days on place value were learning to count in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. We were great at this but found counting in 3s a little challenging but Year 2 love a challenge so it did not stop us being resilient and trying! Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s is very useful and something you may want to practise at home.


We have been discussing what we want our school to be like which is a happy and safe space for everyone. We talked about what we should do if we see something we don’t like – say no, move away and go tell an adult. The children were asking about the difference between accidents, incidents that happen on purpose and bullying so we have had a whole class discussion on these and the difference between them. Year 2 know how to be lovely friends so I am sure they will continue to make school a happy and safe space.


We worked on our performance skills in Music and are really excited to share a video of our class performance singing a song called Hey Friends. The video is proving tricky to share so I will upload it when I can. 


Have a lovely week


Miss Salter

Autumn 1 Week 4 
Year 2 have had another super week! 
In English we started our new text - Flat Stanley. We made some super predictions and thought of positives and negatives to being flat. We are going to be looking at letter writing next week so we have been looking at the features of letters. 
In Maths we have been amazing at comparing numbers. We have been focusing on explaining how we know using language to help us such as greater than, less than, equal to, more and fewer. We were fantastic at using the symbols too! Greater than > Less than < Equal to = 
In Music we learnt to sing a whole song called Hey Friends. We are going to be focusing on our performance skills next week so we may be able to share some videos of our wonderful singing!
Our RE this week was our class liturgy as we have finished our Beginnings focus. We enjoyed being able to share a hug around the focal point. 

Autumn Term Week 3

Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the academic year.

Over the past few weeks we have been revisiting place value in Maths and building upon our knowledge using a range of manipulatives.

In English we have been focusing on the text ‘The Pirates Next Door’ and using this as a stimulus to write our own Pirate adventure story.

This week in PE we have been practising our balancing skills. We found jumping from two feet to one foot quite tricky!

We join with Bishop Robert and the whole of BBCET, to mourn the loss of our beloved Queen. We pray for the repose of her soul and for her family. We are very grateful for her years of service. We give thanks to God for everything she has done. May she rest in peace.