Year 3

Goodbye and Good Luck!
We are in the final week of Year 3, and what a year it has been! I have loved teaching the children all year and I certainly won't ever forget this class! We have had so much fun with our learning and I have never seen a class make as much progress as these guys have this year...I'm sure next year will be no different.
Thanks for working so hard, we've had a blast!
Love from Mrs Kelly
Bastille Day!
14 July marks Bastille Day in France; a celebration of the French revolution! We first of all learned about the history of this event and what makes it special. Then we had a whole action packed fun day of French lessons, songs, games and videos. We even enjoyed French food! We looked awesome representing France in red, white and blue! What a great day!
Special Places
We are coming to the end of our Year 3 journey soon. We have only 2 weeks left after this one! In RE, we are considering what places are special to us. It's lovely to hear how much the children value coming to school and how special they find our classroom. We have been considering Jesus' special places and decided that the River Jordan is special to Jesus. We completed some spiritual art to reflect this. 
Additionally, in Maths, we have been revising statistics. We've looked at Carroll Diagrams, Bar Charts and Pictograms and answered questions, including some quite tricky problems!
Super Sports Day!
On Tuesday, St. Charles' held the 2022 Sports Day, inspired by the Common Wealth Games. We had so many activities (such as sprinting, hurdles, howler throwing and much more!). All of the children gave 100% effort in every activity and it was great to welcome families back into school to watch the event unfold. Well done to yellow team, who were crowned victors on the day!
This week was STEAM week at St. Charles'! Someone had stolen the Queen's crown jewels so we had to follow the clues and figure out who did it! Alongside this, we needed to create something to protect the jewels in the future! 

Challenge 1 - Create Avatar Security using CAD.
Challenge 2 - Build a castle to protect the jewels.

Challenge 3 - Light up your castle using circuits.
Challenge 4 - Create an alarm using Microbits.
Challenge 5 - Send the Queen a secret message using invisible ink.
We've had the best time and shared all of our great work with the rest of the school...now to find the culprit! Who will be dunked? Join us on the yard at 2.30pm to find out!
Choices and recounts!

In our English lessons this week we have been writing recounts of our school trip to the Centre for Life. We loved reliving the events and laughs of the trip as we wrote about the different activities. We used lots of time conjunctions and descriptive language in our recounts, as well as inverted commas for quotes of the some of the funny things our friends and teachers said during the trip.


In RE we have started our new topic learning about choices. This week we learnt about listening to our conscience to help us make good choices. We also read a special prayer that we can say to ask God for help and guidance. We said the prayer with actions to help us remember its important words.

Adventure Day, Mission Day and Childhood Day!
On Thursday Year 3 had their Adventure Day - Desert Survival. The children were stranded in a desert and had to complete challenges to collect sand. The group that collected the most were able to get on the rescue plane home! We got extra scoops for great team work and resilience.
On Friday, we completed lots of challenges to do with our school mission including painting our feet (to show that we follow Jesus' footsteps), making a rap and an awesome scavenger hunt. It was also the NSPCC's childhood day today - we got an extra breaktime!
Jubilant Jubilee and Legendary Life Centre
This week has been amazing! On Tuesday we visited the Centre for Life as part of our 'Light' Science topic. We explored the museum and then took part in a workshop. Some of us liked the Planetarium best, some of us preferred the Science show but it was a great day from start to finish! Thanks to our parent volunteers for helping us out!
Also this week, we have celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! We had some brilliant craft activities and a quiz throughout the day then the best ever street party on our school field with eating, singing, dancing and our parents came too!
We also filmed the dance festival this week. The children have worked so hard on our amazing 'African' routine and we can't wait to show it to you in our Celebration Assembly next month!
Terrific Transport
This half term, the children in Year 3 are learning all about how travel and transport has changed and evolved through History. We have sequenced the chronology of travel, compared longboats to modern day cruise ships, and explored where we think travel will take us in the future...hovercrafts? Time travel? Flying cars? The possibilities are endless!
Alberto Giacometti Art
In Art this half term, we are studying sculptures. We are using Giacometti's work on which to base our projects.
Giacometti was one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century. His work was particularly influenced by artistic styles such as Cubism and Surrealism.
We will be using pipe cleaners and foil to replicate his style.
Team Year 3!
It is exciting times for Year 3 in PE this half term! Firstly, we are preparing for the dance festival, which will be virtual. We will be preparing an African dance to showcase to other schools around the city! Get ready for lots of bright colours and lots of big moves!
Additionally, we are taking part in Teamwork Games. This improves our fundamental skills in PE, but also (crucially) how to work well as a team and develop core values which are key in being successful in sport: teamwork, honesty, respect, communication, and many more!
Back to Business!
The children in Year 3 sounded like they had an amazing time during Easter! We were all very excited to reunite and were feeling fresh after two lovely weeks off with our families and friends.
This week, the children finished their RE topic on Lent and we planned a beautiful class liturgy where the leaders asked us to sit in the shape of a cross to represent Jesus' sacrifice for us. The readings and responses were beautiful and very reflective and thoughtful.
We also started our new English unit; we are writing information leaflets to help tourists learn about a place we are interested in. We have a broad range of places to research and write about (including football stadiums and famous countries and cities). I can't wait to read the finished pieces!
Pioneering into Easter!
The Year 3 pupils have transformed into pioneers today and have journeyed on an expedition through the Antarctic, just like Sir Ernest Shackleton. We realised that recently, Endurance - which is the name of a ship from 107 years ago - has been discovered in the depths of the Antarctic oceans. It was still so well preserved. So, we decided to go on a trip, just like Ernest Shackleton would have embarked upon in 1915.
We have worked on our resilience in the face of setbacks, and on our teamwork skills. We have shown fantastic endurance - even when our ships were destroyed on the way to port!
Finally. the day ended with a hunt on Elephant Island, the island we sailed to on our expedition. We were able to find the TREASURE!
Superb Smoothies!
Year 3's Design Technology topic this half term has been 'Edible Garden'. We have explored what it means for fruits and vegetables to be 'in season' and tried a huge variety of both locally grown and imported produce. We then planned and made our very own smoothies, which were delicious! Hopefully the children will want to replicate these healthy snacks at home too!
World Maths Day!
Wednesday was World Maths Day. We celebrated by having a different Maths lesson. We used a book (called 365 Penguins) to explore lots of different elements of Maths (such as arrays, multiplication and division, time and many more!). We were amazed at how much we could learn about Maths from reading a story, and also just how much Maths is around us everyday!
17.03.22 - Seasonal Fruits!
As part of our design technology topic, Year 3 have been trying lots of fruits which are in season to see how they taste. We compared them to fruits which weren't in season and we found that those in season often tasted much nicer! Lots of us also tried fruits we'd never tried before (such as goji berries, cherries and blueberries!).
Samba Samba
In Year 3 this half term, the children are joining a band! We are making our very own samba band with a variety of instruments and rhythms. It's super hard to try and play one rhythm whilst everyone else is playing a different one! We are improving every week and we can't wait to perform our finished piece.
Welcome to the Dump!
Today was WORLD BOOK DAY and Year 3 had the best day in the DUMP with STIG. We did all of our work from the comfort of the copse. We came in in our lovely outfits dressed up as our favourite book characters. The children looked great! We read a book called, 'The Invisible'. We wrote a diary entry from the perspective of the protagonist and then completed some water colour pencil art. The finished pieces look great!
End of Spring 1
The children have been writing animal poems in English. They have read and performed poetry and also used an excellent variety of figurative language techniques (such as similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia and alliteration).
In Maths, we have finished our fractions unit. It wasn't always easy but the children have felt so accomplished with all that they have achieved so far!
Wellbeing Week!
This week has been Child Mental Health and Wellbeing Week. Today we dressed to EXPRESS - the children came in to school in outfits they were comfortable in and really showed what they were all about. We had some great outfits! On Friday, we had a 'no pen in books day', which meant that all of our lessons were fun and practical. We had EXTRA break, music, dancing, quizzes, RHE activities and much more. It was such a fun day!
Awesome New Books!
Year 3 have been writing persuasive letters to Mrs Nealings to ask for brand new books for our class. She was so impressed that she has not only bought us new books, but new books for the entire school! We may have got a special delivery of extra books that we asked for...(Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Mallory Towers)..don't tell anyone though!
Claude Monet
In Art this half term, the children are learning all about Claude Monet, who was the founder of impressionism. We have learned about Monet's life and also the 6 key principles of impressionism. Tell your parents what the key principles are!

Over the next few weeks, we will be building up to creating our very own impressionist painting using contrasting colours and thick brush strokes.
The Great North Museum
On Monday, Year 3 visited the Hancock museum. We started by exploring the Museum and taking part in a Scavenger Hunt activity and a stone age hunt. In the afternoon, we were able to find out all about how the Stone Age moved into the Bronze Age. We got to look at artefacts from thousands of years ago and debate which would be the most useful back then.
Smart Scoot
Year 3 had the road safety team in this week to teach them all about how to be safe when they are out and about on their scooters. Although they had lots of fun, it was great to find out how much they learned! The children said they need to be careful when scooting on streets which have driveways - they will now look out for white lights on cars which means that they are reversing. They also need to be aware of pedestrians on the path and be super careful when crossing roads!
Happy New Year!
Welcome back Year 3! We have made a fantastic start to Spring Term with the children loving the new topics of work. Our favourite new lesson was Music as we have started to learn to play the ukulele! On Friday we learned the C major and F major chords are we are beginning to learn how to read them too!
It's Christmas!
What a brilliant week we have had celebrating Christmas here in Year 3.
Monday - we started the week by looking at Acrostic Poetry - we wrote a poem all about Christmas. We went to a performance on Monday called the Greediest Elf which was so funny!
Tuesday - in RE, we finished our Advent topic by having a lovely class liturgy led by some of the pupils. We also recorded our Carol concert - check it out using the link!
Wednesday - Party Day! We finished off our DT unit and created and evaluated our party hats. Then, we wore them to play party games and eat our delicious party food!
Thursday - on Thursday we had a crafts morning! We made beautiful Christmas calendars and cards to take home to our families. We also watched a virtual Panto - Cinderella, with a twist!
Friday - we started the day with a celebration assembly and then celebrated our last day with Christmas activities (like a quiz and a silent disco!). 
What a great week! Have a fantastic Christmas everyone. Stay safe and I will see you in 2022 for some more great learning!
Geographical Geniuses
This half term, we practised looking at maps. We have drawn sketch maps by looking at satellite images and OS maps. We have also used atlases to locate different areas using special codes which were delivered to us by the Geography Fairy!
"Geography was so much fun when we used Google Street View!"
"It took so long for me to find places on the map at first but then I sped up."
"I enjoyed learning about Gentilly, which is in Paris."
Magnificent Magnets
In Science this half term, the children have been exploring forces - in particular, magnetism. We have enjoyed testing which magnets are strongest, which materials are magnetic and learning about the poles.
We found out a really interesting fact about the age of coins. Ask your child to tell you all about it!
Waiting in Hope
This week we had our first advent liturgy in school to prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas time. We sat in our advent spiral and lit the first candle on the advent wreath. On Monday, during our RE lesson, we completed beautiful stained glass pictures using tissue paper and black card. These are now displayed in our prayer area to remind us to be be ready for the coming of Jesus.
We also had an awesome Victorian experience using our Now Press Play headphones. We were taken down a mine, on a train and into a workhouse! We listened on our headsets and did the actions we were told to do.
Healthy Active Lifestyles!
This week the children had an extra visit from Rob (our coach) who did a healthy active lifestyles session with us. We did lots of physical activity and practised our skills. We also focused on what values were required to have good sportsmanship (such as honesty, resilience and respect).
It has also been anti-bullying week. The theme this year was 'One Kind Word'. The children have been doing activities in school to make sure they are being extra kind to their friends this week.
We've been continuing to work on our problem solving skills in Maths and used the resources and whiteboards to answer some questions in pairs. We took photographs of our answers using the iPads.
It is also 'Children in Need' on Friday. In class, we have been learning 'The Charleston' dance since this year's theme is 'Strictly Come Dancing'. It is so much fun and a great cause as the children have been getting sponsors at home to help everyone who is less fortunate than ourselves.
Multiplication Maestros!
In Maths, Year 3 are starting a new unit of work all about multiplication and division. On Wednesday, we looked at making groups and how we can write this down as a mathematical calculation.
Year 3 were able to represent these calculations in a variety of practical ways (such as using numicon, counters, even dice and teddies!).
We asked insightful questions about multiplication and solved some tricky problems!
Brilliant Beamish!
On Wednesday, the children visited Beamish. We were consolidating our knowledge of the Victorian Era and, in particular, the jobs which children were expected to do 100 years ago. We discovered that it was very different to life now. Children had to work in mines (sometimes as young as 5!) until the 1842 Mines Act was passed which meant that women and childern under 9 were not permitted to work in the mines.
We all agreed that we thought it was wrong that children should be working at that age and not receiving their education!
The children were all brilliant at Beamish and represented the school so well!
-Mrs Kelly
Mesmorising MADD Week
Here are a selection of quotes from our pupils regarding our MADD Week:
This week, we have been doing art in MADD week.
We drew and decorated sunflowers and attached our beautiful busy bees in the foreground.
We firstly learned about our chosen artist - Gustav Klimt.
He was born on the 14th July in 1862. He painted murals and used a lot of symbolism.
We experimented with lots of techniques, colours and patterns for our final piece.
We mixed primary colours to make secondary colours (purple, green and orange).
We loved painting and really enjoyed painting our super sunflowers.
We had to be really careful with stippling our bees because we didn't want to mix yellow and black.
We enjoyed finishing off our beautiful sunflower and bee pictures. They looked great!
Commando Joe's Day!
Last week, Year 3 had their Commando Joe's Day! It was an amazing day where the children had to use skills that we don't always get the opportunity to practise everyday. Some of these skills we talked about in class (e.g. resilience, empathy and teamwork).
The children had an amazing attitude and a great day was had by all of us! Roll on the next Commando Joe's day...my soldiers are ready!
-Mrs Kelly
Amazing Observational Artists!
In Art this half term, the children are working up to observational art in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci! The children have been researching what kind of art and painting he did so that they can plan their own amazing master pieces!

We finally wrote our own persuasive adverts! The children had amazing ideas about what and how to sell their products. We used features such as: rhetorical questions, power of three and exaggeration to ensure we made a profit!
We also had some children joining in with our Collective Worship and reading bidding prayers in front of the whole of Key Stage 2! It was very brave and they were such loud and proud readers. Well done Year 3.
-Mrs Kelly
PE Prodigies
I have been so impressed with the level of competition, the enthusiasm and the excitement from Year 3 so far this term!
In PE this half term we are working on FUNdamental movement skills (like hopping and jumping) with our coach, Rob. We are also putting this into practise through bench ball. The children have learned the rules so quickly and play together already so well as a team.
On Wednesdays, we are working on Outdoor Adventurous Activity. This means working outside on our team work and communication skills. The games we played this week included 'dragons' and hide and seek! We have to take turns, give clear instructions and make sure we don't speak over each other in order to be successful.
Keep up the great work!
-Mrs Kelly
Welcome to Year 3!
I have had such a fantastic week meeting the new Year 3 students! The step up to Key Stage 2 is not always an easy one but the children have settled in amazingly and already produced some fantastic work. In RE, we have talked about what makes a house a home and how we can welcome others and always be friendly and kind. The children produced some beautiful art using key words from 'Romans' and some colourful pictures.
In Computing, we have started to learn all about e-safety; how to be a sensible digital citizen is so important for the children to know as we grow older and access more and more on the internet. Ask your children what the already know about keeping safe online.
Thanks for a great week Year 3!
-Mrs Kelly