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Year 3

Week 6

We’ve had a very nice week in Year 3.


In English, we came to the end of our biography unit. Using our research and skills from previous weeks, we documented the life of Serena Williams. 


In maths, we completed our unit looking at shapes and angles by identifying the properties of 3D shapes. We then switched our focus to our final unit of the this year, statistics. So far, we have been interpreting pictograms and bar charts before using 2 way tables next week. 


In RE, we spent time this week identifying special places in Jesus’ life. We all labelled a map of Israel to show Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem and the Sea Galilee. We then wrote summaries explaining why these places are special to Jesus. 


In Computing, we explored using the pen extension tool in scratch. Using our growth mindset and debugging skills, we were able to program and algorithm to control and move the pen to draw patterns. We will now use this skill to help us make a maze game next week.  


During RSHE this week, we took part in a water safety workshop to remind us of how we can stay safe this summer and beyond. Through zoom, we identified potential dangers when close to the river and what we should do when helping someone who has fallen into water. 


In French, we celebrated Bastille Day today! All dressed in red, white and blue, we took part in a range of activities including building the Eifel Tower out of straws. A great way to end the week! 


A special mention to the Y3/4 boys football team who competed against seven local schools to win the Catholic Cup on Thursday. Everyone played and represent the school very well. 


One more week to go, Year 3!  


In English this week, we switched our focus away from balanced arguments. Staying with a non-fiction genre, we began to look at biographies. We spent time reading a range of examples from inspirational men and women and learnt about some of Mr Gray’s favourite biographies too. We also took time to research the focus of our biographical writing, Serena Williams. 


In maths, we came to the end of our time unit by understanding and applying the correct unit of time. We answered a range of reasoning and problem solving tasks by deciding which events are best measured in seconds, minutes or hours. 


In RE, we continued studying reconciliation unit. This week, we looked at the act of sorrow and wrote our own prayers seeking forgiveness from God. 


In science, we explored different types of soil that can be found around the world and their qualities. We planned an investigation to examine the permeability of each type of soil that we will complete next lesson. 


We also had many fantastic opportunities to learn more about different careers this week. We were lucky enough to have a barrister, GP, midwife and a speech & language therapist visit our class to discuss their careers. We were able to ask questions to discover their responsibilities, training and advice on deciding our future careers. Thank you to all of our visitors this week


Yesterday, to consolidate previous learning, we went to the Discovery Museum to take part in a Light & Shadow workshop. We learnt more about our biggest light source, the sun.  We discovered many new facts and created pin hole viewers to see inverted light. After lunch, we spent time exploring all aspects of the museum. We especially enjoyed learning about the changing jobs through time, linking to our current Geography unit. Thank you to all who volunteered to help us on our visit. 

Week 3

After taking time preparing for our deforestation debate, in English this week, we used our knowledge to write a balanced argument. Thinking like a writer, we used a Point.Evidence. Explanation framework to help us to clearly outline arguments for and against deforestation. 


In maths this week, we continued our work understanding time. We focused on developing our knowledge of days, month and years. We learnt rhymes and developed strategies to help us remember the number of days in each of the months. 


In Geography, we began a new unit study changing jobs. We spent time this learning about the four different job sectors: primary, secondary, service and high tech. Through the unit we will be investigating how demand for certain sector of jobs differs throughout the world. 


In RE, we continued looking into reconciliation. This week, we learnt about the importance of this sacrament and how confession is made at church. 

We also welcome parents into school this week for our celebration assembly. We loved having the opportunity to show parents all of the memories that have made us feel proud this year. Thank you for all who could attend. 
A big WELL DONE for all your hard work this week.
Week 6
Well done Year 3 for all your work across this half-term!
As always, we've had another week of great work in Year 3. 

In English this week, we came to the end of our unit studying change of heart narratives. After focusing on the use of emotions in our writing, we produce some brilliant narratives using a range of features. Once we had finished, we explored how to edit our own writing and assess any areas to improve. 


In maths, we have been learning about money this week. Using our knowledge of coins, we spent time to add and subtract money in pounds and pence. We developed this skill further by solving problem solving questions by calculating the correct change. 


In science, we discovered ways to group rocks. We learnt about permeability , density and durability. We test 5 types of rocks using sandpaper and water to test these three qualities. 


In computing, Using the templates created on Publisher last week, we created their own magazine covers this afternoon by formatting text boxes and inserting graphics and images.


In RE, we continued our study of Pentecost. We discussed why red is the symbolic colour during this time and how we are all given special gifts from the Holy Spirit. We then wrote poetry to reflect the gifts we have been given. 


Have a fantastic and sunny half-term break, Year 3! 

Week 5
Well done, Year 3, for another week of hard work!

In English this week, we have been continuing learning about writing a change of heart narrative. We spent time creating scales of intensity to determine the strength of emotive words. We then used this to develop sentences conveying a character’s feelings. Next, we will plan and write our own narrative. 


In maths, we have been exploring the use of money this week. With the help of coin manipulatives to support our learning, we have been able to convert pounds and pence.


In science, we have been making observations of rocks. We discussed the qualities of a variety of rocks, such as slate, marble and sandstone, and how they can be used in the world around us.


In RE, we spent learning about Pentecost. In our study, we read about how the Holy Spirit visited the disciples as a flame. Through the spirit, the disciples we able to spread God’s love. We wrote our own recounts of this moment from the point of one of the disciples. 


In PE, we have been continuing with our athletics unit. After focusing on our running technique, we spent time focusing on jumping. We demonstrated the difference between a hop, skip and jump which we will combine together in the coming lessons. 


Well done and have a great weekend!

Week 4

In English, we began analysing our new stimulus for our writing, the short animation - The Present.  We discussed how this was a change of heart story and identities how the main character and us a viewer experienced contrasting emotions. We will use this as inspiration in the coming weeks to write our own narratives.  


In Maths, we continued our journey of using fractions. After adding and subtracting fractions, we used this skill to partition a whole by understanding how two or more fractions can add together.  We then progressed this further by  learning how to calculate unit fractions of amounts. 


In RE, we began a new unit focusing on Pentecost.  We learnt about the ascension and how Jesus promised to send down the Holy Spirit. We discuss how the energy of the Holy Spirit is represented and created our own spiritual artwork representing a flame and dove. 


In science, we started to learn about rocks this week. We spent our first lesson of this unit learning about how types of rocks are formed. We were able to use images and writing to explain the process of  igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.  We look forward to widening our knowledge throughout the term. 


As we have been exploring digital photography in our art this half term. For an upcoming exhibition, we explored using torches to paint with light.


We were also fortunate enough to take part in an Egyptians workshop with the History Bloke on Thursday.  By learning about their writing systems, inventions, the Mummification process and ancient games, we had lots of fun enhancing our learning for our History unit this term. 

Week 3

Year 3 have had a very busy three days this week! 


On Wednesday, we came to the end of our poetry unit, learning about tanka poems. After using a syllable template to support our writing last week, we published our own poems supported by illustrations to bring them to light. Once completed, we then recited our poetry to the class, focusing on volume, intonation and expression.  


We also welcomed friends and family into class to join us in our end of unit liturgical prayer. We responded to the word by writing our own prayer leaves that we place on to a tree before displaying on our sacred space in class. Thank you to all of those who could join us.  


On Thursday, we began to build on our fractions understanding in maths. Using knowledge from the Spring term, we explored adding and subtracting fractions through the use of fraction blocks. 


In the afternoon, we had lots of fun at St Cuthbert’s High School taking part in a skipping workshop. We all learnt lots of different techniques that we can continue to use back at school. 


On Friday, we celebrated King Charles III Coronation by contributing to a whole school fact file. As a class, we researched the early life and education of King Charles as well as painting a portrait. Throughout the day we also took part in a school quiz and tea party.  

Week 2

Well done for another week of hard work, Year 3!


In English this week, we have very much enjoyed learning about tanka poems. We began by analysing poems and understanding the syllable structure. In small groups, we wrote tanka to practice using the correct number of syllables for each line. Using this experience, we then independently wrote our own tanka poems about nature. 


In maths, we have been learning about capacity and volume, understanding the difference between both terms. Using our knowledge of reading scales, we have been able to identify, compare, add and subtract volume. 


In science, we came to the end of our flowers and plants unit. We ended by incorporating our learning to look at the life cycle of a plant. Children could clearly see how our sequenced lessons matched the stages of the life cycle. 


In RE, we learnt more about the Garden of Gethsemane this week. We discussed how Jesus continued to follow God's plan despite knowing he was about to be betrayed. We used this to write a first person account of the evening from Peter's point of view. 

Week 1
Year 3 have had a great first week of Summer term!
In English, we came to the end of our narrative writing inspired by The Tin Forest. To familiarise ourselves with the story, we worked in groups to sequence the key events and wrote engaging sentences to describe each image. Using these key events, we spent a lesson adapting the characters, settings and plot in order to plan our writing. We then wrote our own narratives based around battling the elements in an everchanging environment. It was great to see all children push themselves to use exciting fronted adverbials and vocabulary. 
In Maths, we have been learning about the measurement of mass in grams and Kg. We used our knowledge of reading scales to measure the weight of objects. We progressed this further to identify equivalent mass between grams and Kg as well as comparing measures. 
In RE, we continued with our Lent unit and understanding why some people give so much to others. We read beatitudes to further understand the importance of giving and helping others. We then wrote our own short story with a message of helping others in need. 
In computing, we came to the end of our Data unit in Computing by creating our own advanced branching database. We used J2Data to input properties and a range of closed questions to build a database to identify dinosaurs.
Well done on a great first week back, Year 3!
Week 5 
We've had a lovely final week of the Spring term in Year 3.
To begin the week, we held the first of the Holy Week liturgical prayers to retell the story of Palm Sunday. All children worked very hard remembering their parts, reading them clearly and confidently. Thank you to everyone who was able to join us. 
In English, we have continuing with our new book, The Tin Forest to inspire our writing. We began the week by up-leveling the introduction to story before creating and illustrating our own settings, taking inspiration from the tin wasteland in the story. Focusing on figurative language and fronted adverbials, we then wrote our setting description. 
In Maths, we began to learn about measuring mass. After spending time earlier in the week reading scales, we took this knowledge to help us measure grams and kilograms. 
In computing, we have been creating our own branching databases. We discussed the importance of choosing the correct question type to allow the user to enter 'Yes' or 'No' answers. We then applied this to create a database to classify animals. 
In RE, we began our Lent unit by understanding why we pray, fast and give alms during this time. We then created our own spiritual art to reflect Jesus' sacrifice for us.  
To end the term, we completed our Big Lent Walk by walking over a MASSIVE 200km across Lent. Thank you to everyone who has been able to donate during this time. 
I hope you all have a fantastic Easter Holidays and well done for all your hard work. 
Week 4

In English this week, we took time to celebrate World Poetry Day. Following the theme ‘Let the scriptures speak’, we wrote our own personification poems about Palm Sunday. After writing our poems we recited our poems using expression and actions. 


We also began our fiction writing this week based on The Tin Forest. Using coral reading, we read along to the story as a class before up-levelling the vocabulary used. Over the coming  sequence of lessons, we will be writing a setting description of The Tin Forest and using it as inspiration for our own fiction story. 


In Maths, we have been using scales and bar models to help identify equivalent fractions. We used this skill to help solve a range of reasoning and problem solving questions. We will revisit fractions again in the summer term when we begin to add and subtract within a whole. 


In Science, we continued our study of plants. This week we began an investigation to test how the quantity of water affects how fast seeds germinate (grow).  We placed 10 seeds on top of cotton pads which had been soaked in different amounts of water. Throughout the next week, we will record our many seeds have grown. 


In RE, we came to the end of our Eucharist unit. Thank you to all who gathered with us as you joined our end of unit liturgical prayer that had been planned and delivered by a group of children in class. 


I’m PE, we took part in an Active Lifestyles workshop. We discussed the importance of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle before playing games on benchball. 

Week 3

In English this week, we came to the end of our explanation text unit. Using what we had learnt so far, we explained how our Cracking Contraptions work. We had some fantastic ideas across the class and used lots of time adverbials and conjunctions to link our explanations. 


In Maths, we have been exploring numerators. We have investigated how to make a whole, representing this using concrete resources as well as pictorial models. We have also compared and ordered fractions, identifying patterns and rules for the numerator and the denominator. 


In Geography, we have been learning about water this half term, After identifying countries across the world who don't have access to clean water, we discussed the impact that it can have on businesses, farming and on people's lives. 


In RE, we spent time this week to look at Eucharist during mass. We read the Eucharist prayer, identified  the symbolism of the bread and wine and learnt about the origins of 'Amen'. We also took moments across the week to reflect on journey this Lent as we took part in the Big Lent Walk. 


In PE, we began our tag rugby unit. We learnt about the important rules of rugby and how we cannot pass forward. Therefore, we spent time practicing pass to one another. We developed this skill further by trying to pass our way past a defender. 


Well done Year 3 for your hard work this week. 

Have a great weekend!

Week 2 
In English this week, as well as spending time designing our Cracking Contraptions for our explanation texts, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the popular children's author Jenny Pearson. We spent time with Jenny as she spoke to us about where she finds inspiration for her stories and, during an afternoon workshop, helped us plan our very own stories. 
In Maths, we continued our work with fractions. We demonstrated using models how fractions must be split into equal parts and what the numerator and denominator represent. We then applied this knowledge to compare unit and non-unit fractions. 
In Music,  we had a fantastic music lesson with Mrs Bertenshaw. We developed our understanding of reading music to help us sing and play the glockenspiel.
We have taken time out across the week to pause and reflect. In class, we completed our 'Monday Mission' to create 'Gods Curtain' to show the importance of his word. Children took time to plan their own liturgical prayer that they delivered to the class. We also spend time visiting the Lent reflection area to reflect on our journey so far. 
We have also been completing our termly assessment throughout the week. It has been great to see every child try their very best and display their growth mindset. 
Week 1 

We’ve had a great first week back!


In English, we have been looking at Wallace & Gromit’s Cracking Contraptions. Over the coming weeks we will be creating our own contraptions and showing how they work through an explanation text. This week we have used examples of explanation texts to identify key features and use them to demonstrate to the class how some of Wallace’s inventions work.


In Maths, we have worked very hard to use our knowledge of measurement to begin understanding and calculating perimeter. Throughout the week we have thought hard to answer tricky reasoning and problem-solving questions to deepen our understanding.


In RE, we started learning about the Eucharist and the importance of listening and sharing. We discussed how we gather together at the start of mass. We also used our handprints to create spiritual artwork to represent the strength in coming together to worship.


On Thursday, it was World Book Day! It was great to see everyone in their outfits and the effort that was made. Throughout the day, we took part in a live Footy & Books quiz with over 150,000 children across the UK. After showing off all of our outfits in assembly, we created our own concertina books to illustrate our fables that we have been writing.


Well done for a great first week back!

Week 5
We've had week in Year 3!
In English, we have been looking at a variety of fables to inspire us with our own fictional writing. We began discussing the common features in fables and used drama to sequence key events. We have also produced some fabulous setting and character descriptions too!
In Maths, we have developed our own knowledge of measurements by using cm and mm together and began to identify equivalent lengths across metres, cm and mm. 
For Safer Internet Day, we learnt about Digital Footprints. Following the theme 'Want to talk about it', we discussed how we all leave an online trail and created our own footprint display.
In Music, we continued our work with djembe drums. Year 3 have worked really hard throughout this half term and will perform some of the songs they have been learning to other classes next week. 
In Science, we investigated the strength of different magnets by testing how many paper clips they could hold. Once we counted the paper clips, we recorded our results in a table and produced a graph. 
On Thursday,  we had our team challenge day! We worked together in teams to learn desert survival skills. We built tents, bridges and scavenged resources to make a giant 'SOS' sign. We all had a lot of fun and developed our resilience and team working skills. 
Week 4 

In English this week, we produced our own persuasive letters to ask Michael Rosen to visit our school. Successfully using a range of devices, the children carefully selected convincing reasons to give to our favourite poet.


In maths, we have started our Length & Perimeter unit by using rulers to measure mm and cm. On Friday, we used our outdoor maths lesson to measure objects in the playground using a cm and metres. We will continue to explore this further in the coming weeks as we progress to calculating perimeter.


In RE, we came to the end of our Journeys unit this week. After studying the rosary and Hail Mary in our previous lesson, we thought about writing our own Prayer to God to reflect journeys we will take in life. We also welcomed parents into class for our end of unit liturgical prayer. A group of children from the class had their turn to plan the prayer including how we should all sit and which hymn to sing.


In Art, we used our knowledge of William Morris’ repeating patterns to compare M. C. Escher’s tessellation designs. We created our own geometric print block that we will use next week to create own tessellated artwork.


We also took part in Commando Joe’s this week. We took inspiration from Sir Ernest Shackleton to complete a series of Antarctic survival challenges. It was great to see everyone develop their resilience, communication and teamworking skills.

Week 3 
In English, we have been exploring persuasive letters. By looking at examples, we analysed and identified persuasive devices and how they can be used.  We held a class discussion to decide on an author that we could try and convince to visit our school.  After a lengthy discussion, exploring reasons for and against, we decide upon Michael Rosen.  Next week, our lesson sequence will be built up to use writing our persuasive letter to Mr. Rosen. 
In Maths, we had to use a lot of growth mindset and resilience as we used written methods to divide a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.  With the help of manipulatives, we could represent splitting tens into ones so that we could share equally. 
In Science, we explored magnets!  Using a range of objects within class, we investigated which items and materials were magnetic.  Through this, we could experience the magnetic field and how objects were pulled closer to the magnet. 
In RE this week, we focused on Ordinary Time in the liturgical year, specifically the journey of Mary.  We discussed the importance of the Prayer, Hail Mary, and looked at the significance of The Rosary. 
In Art, we used the printing blocks we created last week to overlay and blend colours. 
Week 2 

In English, we continued working towards creating our own adventure story. We took inspiration from ‘Taking Flight’ to plan our own imaginative worlds, with some children heading back in time to the stone age! We carefully thought about actions our characters could make through drama and discussed how they could be used as fronted adverbials. Yesterday, we put all of our ideas together to write our own fantastic adventure stories.


In Maths, we progressed to using written methods to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number. Using manipulatives to help us, we partitioned numbers into tens and ones to make the calculation more manageable.  Next week, we will use similar methods to help us divide 2-digit numbers.


In outdoor PE, we are developing our football skills. Last lesson, we focused on dribbling ensuring that we kept our head up and controlled the speed of the ball.


In computing, we progressed our skills using Scratch to program three Sprites (characters) simultaneously. We explored using the coding block to enable use to have all of our Sprites moving at the same time.


In Science, we carried out our own friction investigation. Using different surfaces, we measured how far a toy car would travel down a ramp. We found that the car travelled furthest down a plastic ramp because it is smooth and has less friction.

Week 1
Happy New Year!
We have had a lovely first week back in Year 3. 
In English, we have been using 'Taking Flight', a short animated film, as inspiration for our writing. Focusing on description, we have created our own setting and character descriptions as well as developing our use of figurative language. 
In Maths, we continued with Multiplication and Division for the Autumn term. This week, we progressed to multiplying 2-digit numbers by a 1-digit number. We used manipulatives to help us visualise the multiplication before progressing to written methods. 
In Music, we loved our African drumming session in the discovery hall. We learnt about the origins of the djembe drum, how to follow a call and response and even began to read music too. 
In computing, we began our computing science unit using Scratch. We familiarised ourselves with the coding blocks and the different ways to move our sprite (character). 
To begin our Journeys unit in RE, we discussed our journey in Year 3 and the key events in the liturgical year. We spent time reflecting on this whilst completing our spiritual artwork to represent our journey in life.  
Have a great weekend, Year 3!
Week 8 

It’s Christmas!

We’ve great final week in Year 3.

In English, we continued our poetry by focusing on acrostic poems. We analysed poetry and idneified the range of poetic techniques that can be used, inlcuding similes and alliterations. We then created our own acrostic poems around the theme of Christmas.


In Science, were inspired by Vincent Bal’s Shadowology to create our own artwork using shadow.


In PE, we consolidated all of our catching and throwing skills throughout this half-term by playing games of benchball.


In Design and Technology, we constructed and modelled our party hats for a Disney themed birthday. Once finished, we used an ACCESSFM framework to evaluate our hats against our design brief.


Thank you Year 3 for a brilliant first half-term and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

See you in 2023!

Week 7
We have made it to the end of another busy week in Year 3. 
In English this week,  we have been reading wintery rhyming poems. We were able to identify rhyming couplets and explain how the poems made us feel and which were our favourites. After analysing the poems we then wrote our own wintery, rhyming poems that we then recited to the class using expressions. 
We challenged ourselves in Maths this week by looking at the 8 times table. Using methods from previous weeks, we were able to use arrays and manipulatives to multiply and divide numbers by 8. We also challenged ourselves with some tricky reasoning and problem solving tasks too!
In Geography, we have been learning about urban areas. We spent time discussing benefits and problems with living in an urban area such as Newcastle. It was fantastic to see the class analysing the positive and negative impacts of urban living. Next week, we will progress to investigating rural settings. 
In Computing, we came to the end of our animation unit. To showcase our creations, we used the Book Creator app to demonstrate how to make stop motion animations using the I Can Animate app. It was lovely to see the children being able to multiple apps simultaneously to make a 'How-to Guide'.
After many weeks of rehearsals, we took part in the KS2 carol service on Wednesday evening. In a candle-lit church, we all sang together so well and it was lovely to see all the carols performed so clearly and confidently. A big WELL DONE to all of KS2!
Week 6
In English this week, we wrote our own non-chronological report about Arctic/Antarctic animals. We began the week by working in groups to identify features of non-chronological writing and research all about polar bears, penguins or reindeers. Using what we had discovered, we planned and produced our own factual reports. 
In Maths, we continued to develop methods of multiplying and dividing by looking at the 4 times table. We used manipulatives, arrays, bar models and repeated addition to help us represent many calculations. On Thursday, we tested our knowledge in an active Maths lesson by working in teams to compete in a times table relay.
We also investigated transparent and translucent materials in Science this week. We created our own shadow puppets and tests which materials would help then cast a colour. 
We've had lots of fun with lots of festive activities around school today. Wearing our Christmas jumpers, we enjoyed our festive lunch and worked in our house groups for make crafts for the upcoming fayre. 
Week 5
In English this week we used our current class text, The Iron Man, as inspiration for our own science fiction novels. It was fantastic to see so many creative ideas that stemmed from The Iron Man story. All the class worked so hard trying to vary their sentence openers using a range of adverbials. 
The 3 times table was the main focus of the week in maths this week. We began using arrays to group in numbers and counters in to equal groups of 3. The children were able to independently use this method to multiply and divide numbers by 3. 
In computing, we continued our Stop Motion unit by recording our own short movies using the I Can Animate app. It was lovely to see everyone's story maps from last week come to life on screen. 
In RE, we began our Advent work by focusing on the theme Visitors. We discussed how we prepare for welcoming visitors into our own homes and it is important to make people feel welcome. We also created our own spiritual art for Advent. 
Week 4
A week full of hard work.
It's been the start of our autumn assessments  this week and everyone has worked so hard and tried their very best. 
In our English lessons, we continued using DADWAVERS to help us write an alternative opening to the Iron Man by creating lots of suspense. We used short, snappy sentences, similes and even rhetorical questions to help build mystery.
We have been fantastic at using arrays in maths this week. We've been able to identify and create a range of arrays to represent multiplications and divisions. We will use this method in the coming weeks when introduced to new times tables.
In music, we've been using the glockenspiels again to play along with a new song - When the Saints Go Marching In. We experimented with the tempo to slow the pace of the song to help us follow along. 
In RE we came to the end of our Promises unit. We took part in our class collective worship by making a promise to greet somebody with a smile today.
In preparation for the start of Advent on Sunday, as a class, we decorated our Christmas tree. Every child placed a bauble on the tree and made a Christmas wish. 


Week 3

We've had a very enjoyable and busy week in Year 3. 


In English, we began to read Ted Hughes' The Iron Man. When writing a character description, we were introduced to DADWAVERS to help us vary our sentence openers.


In maths, we continued our work on multiplication and division. We used grouping and arrays to find multiples of 2, 5 and 10.


In Geography, we explored the world using atlases. Working together, we used latitude and longitude to locate oceans and seas close to the UK.


On Thursday, we visited Sacred Heart High School to take part in their performing arts day. We danced! We sang! We performed! We had so much FUN!


Throughout this week, we have been focusing on Anti-Bullying Week in school. After taking part in Odd Socks Day on Monday, we joined an online NSPCC workshop and Reached Out to everyone in the class through sharing compliments.

Week 2
This week has been very fun in Year 3. 
In English, we wrote our own newspaper reports on the mysterious, unidentified object that made a crash landing in our playground. Children were able to create their own headlines, captions, direct speech and adverbials in their work. 
In Maths, we finished our unit on Addition and Subtraction and began our first lessons on Multiplication  and Division. We explored arranging numbers into equal groups using pictures and manipulatives. We look forward to exploring these skills further throughout the term. 
In RE, we continued our study of Baptism. This week, we researched St John and discussed how we could be more like him by spreading the good news in our lives. 
In Computing, we began to storyboard our own animations, taking inspiration from popular stop-motion movies such as Shaun the Sheep. Next week, we'll start to bring our plans to life by using the I Can Animate app.   
On Thursday, we took part in our first Commando Joe's missions of the year. We were inspired by Ed Stafford's expedition across the Amazon to complete a range of tasks. We used ladders, wood and stepping stones to cross the playground; created our shelters and completed a blindfolded obstacle course. It was great to see so many children displaying teamwork and resilience throughout the day.    
Week 1
In English, we became newspaper reporters and began investigating an unidentified object that has crash landed in our school playground! We worked together to story map all the events in chronological order and explored using direct speech to record witness reports. Next week, we will be using all of our reporting skills to write our own newspaper reports. 
We have worked so hard this week in Maths to estimate answers. We began by learning to round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 using number lines and manipulatives. We then combined our rounding skills with our addition and subtraction knowledge to estimate answers. This was a tricky concept and included lots of steps however I have been very proud of the growth mindset shown throughout the whole class in order to successfully rise to the challenge. 
In computing, we loved using the 'I Can Animate' app to create our own stop motion animations. We can't wait to explore further throughout this half term.  
This week, we also began our Design Technology unit and were given our design brief to create a party hat for children's birthday party. We were able to complete our own task analysis in order to plan our project. 
In RE we create our Baptism artwork. We spoke about the promises that are made during Baptism and tried to reflect this in our artwork. 
Well done for a busy first week back and I hope you all have lovely weekend. 
Week 7
We've made it to the end of another great week in Year 3. 
In English, we have been writing instructions on how to make spooky smoothies. It was lovely to see the use of so many features that we have been learning in previous lessons - imperative verbs, adverbs and adverbials of time. 
In Maths, we continued with column addition and subtraction. When subtracting 2-digits from 3-digits, we discovered how important it is to use our place value knowledge to help put numbers in the correct column. We also used a range of manipulatives to help do this!
In Music, we loved using the glockenspiels this week. We followed notes to play along with our song 'Please Be Kind'. We even created our own improvisations to add to the song. So much fun! 
In PE, we spent time practicing our skipping. We really enjoyed being able to demonstrate our skills to the class and helping others. 
Thank you Year 3 for a fantastic start to the year and I hope you all enjoy your half-term break! 
Week 6
We have had such an exciting week in Year 3. 
On Monday, we began learning about writing clear instructions in our English lesson, with the class helping me make a Marmalade sandwich. The whole class were able to see the importance of giving clear instructions. 
On Tuesday, we learnt all about the bones in the body. We worked together in groups to label lots of bones, including which bones support and protect our organs. 
On Wednesday, we had an adventure on the metro to visit the Hancock Museum. We had great fun exploring the exhibits and learnt lots of facts in our Stone Age to Bronze Age workshop. The whole class behaved so well across the entire day and represented the school so well.  
On Thursday and Friday, we took part in our Take One Picture lessons. We studied the work of Claude-Jospeh Vernet and used his artwork to inspire us to make a lighthouse out of clay. 
I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)
Week 5
Year 3 have worked so hard this week and it has been lovely to see them so enthusiastic in their lessons. 
In English, we created our own persuasive adverts using lots of the techniques we have been learning over the past two weeks. The children used lots of creativity to whilst thinking of their snacks to advertise and loved using lots of powerful adjectives and exaggeration.   
In maths, all the class have done so well using the column method for addition and subtraction. They have set their work out clearly in their books to avoid mistakes being made by placing numbers in the incorrect place value column. We are now moving on to exchanging numbers. 
In PE, we continued with our teambuilding tasks this week. The children worked together and adapted so well as they had to coordinate carrying beanbags together without using any hands. 
We also celebrated Space Day this week! The children loved learning our inspirational woman, Katherine Johnson. We researched her achievements and completed a fact file all about her life. In the afternoon we took part in a Now Press Play story about a mission to mars. 
Thank you for a lovely week, Year 3!
Week 4
We have had a lovely week in Year 3 this week. In English, the children have been so engaged in learning a vast array of techniques used in adverts to persuade people to buy products and services. We have explored a variety of different adverts and identified alliterations, exaggeration, rhetorical questions and so much more. We will be using these techniques next week to create our own adverts for food. 
In maths, we began our addition & subtraction unit, discovering how adding and subtracting 1s can change the 10s column. Year 3 have worked so hard with this throughout the week and are becoming more and more confident. 
We were very lucky to avoid some of the rain and continue our Outdoor Adventurous Activity lessons by working together as a team to complete a range of different challenges. It's been great to see the children communicating so well and supporting each other.  

Curriculum Evening

It was great to see so many of you attend our curriculum overview on Tuesday evening. If you were unable to attend, please take the opportunity to have a look over the slides below. 


I hope you all have a great weekend!



 Week 3 

Year 3 have worked so hard this week!


In English, we have been using Roald Dahl’s Charlie in the Chocolate Factory as inspiration for our writing over the past two weeks. This week, we created our own stories where our characters visited a magical world or factory. It has been great to see everyone’s creative ideas come to life through their stories. 


In Maths, we finished our Place Value unit this week. Year 3 have applied their methods and knowledge from previous weeks to order and compare numbers up to 1000. Next week, we moved to Addition & Subtraction.


After spending our first two weeks studying digital literacy and e-safety, we began designing our fact pages using Microsoft Word. We practiced our typing skills to share our knowledge of how to stay safe online. In the coming weeks, we will be exploring a range of formatting tools to help make our fact pages more eye-catching.


Week 1
Welcome to Year 3
It has been a pleasure to welcome everyone back to school this week with lovely, big smiles on their faces. Making the transition to KS2 can be tricky but the whole class have worked so hard, producing some fantastic work, and have settled in well. 
In English, we have been exploring the features of haiku and cinquain poems. Clapping and counting our syllables, we have produced some fabulous poems about Summer, storms and school. 
In our RE, we have discussed what makes a house a home and how to be welcoming to others. We also spent the afternoon painting our own home artwork, using colours to portray how our homes make us feel. 
In computing, we began to learn all about how we can all be good Digital Citizens by investigating how to stay safe when using technology. 
Thank you Year 3 for being so welcoming to me during my first week at St Charles' and I look forward to the year ahead. 
Mr Gray
We join with Bishop Robert and the whole of BBCET, to mourn the loss of our beloved Queen. We pray for the repose of her soul and for her family. We are very grateful for her years of service. We give thanks to God for everything she has done. May she rest in peace.