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Year 5

21.06.23 - Week 7
Year 5 have had a great final week of term. We have finished our maths unit on volume and the children wrote strongly worded letters to Rishi Sunak on the subject of summer holiday length! Even on the penultimate day of the school year, they sat down and wrote with focus and diligence.
On Tuesday, we had an indoor Sports Day due to the poor weather. It was a shame it couldn't go ahead as intended, but the children showed great resilience and enjoyed the indoor tasks very much, as you will see from the photos!
In geography, we analysed and wrote up the findings of last week's field trip to Tynemouth and we have also spent time on our pop up books in DT. We hope to finish these tomorrow on the last day and there are lots of other fun activities planned!
It has been a real pleasure to teach Year 5 this year. They are all lovely, kind, considerate children and I am so proud of them for the progress they have made this year academically, as well as socially and emotionally. I will miss them all very much.
Mr Smart

12.06.23 – Week 6


It has been fantastic to be back with Year 5 this week after my time away on jury duty! We have squeezed a lot in! In maths we have been learning about negative numbers, which the children have enjoyed and shown a really good understanding of. In English, we have been revisiting our persuasive texts topic from the autumn term, to ensure that our learning is embedded. In the autumn, we wrote to Liz Truss to ask her not to ban children from having mobile phones. This week, we have been planning how to convince Rishi Sunak not to shorten the summer holidays – a subject that we all feel very passionate about!


In PE this week, we have continued developing our rounders skills. This week’s focus was upon fielding – specifically the short and long block. The children did this very well. On Thursday, we were fortunate to take part in another cricket coaching session from South Northumberland Cricket Club, which was great fun!


In Reading Skills this week, we have based our learning around a book called, ‘The Oldest Student’, about a lady who learned to read and write at the age of 116! The children had some very thoughtful discussions on this subject and produced some excellent written responses. The children feel that you’re never too old to learn new skills, which is reassuring.


In RE this week, we learned what CAFOD does to look after God’s world, as part of our ‘Stewardship’ unit. We also wrote and illustrated a prayer to show how we should look after God’s world.


On Thursday, we had our geography fieldtrip to Tynemouth beach, where the children conducted research on who visits the beach and why. They used questionnaires to find out this information from members of the public and they will be presenting their findings next week. The children were very well behaved and we were very lucky with the weather!


One week to go – keep up the great work Year 5!

22.06.23 – Week 3


Year 5 have been busy preparing for their Celebration Assembly this week. They are looking forward to showing their families all of the things that we have been up to since September!


We have been learning about paragraphs and dialogue in English this week, as part of our mystery story unit, based around The London Eye Mystery, which the children are really enjoying! We can’t wait to find out what has happened to Salim!


In maths this week, we have been converting units, culminating in converting between metric and imperial units, which is a tricky business, but the children stuck with it and did very well!


In our rounders session this week, our focus was upon striking the ball. The children took on board all of the advice they were offered…so much so that we lost quite a few balls over the fence!


In Geography we learned about erosion and how it causes the progression from crack, to cave, to arch, to stack, finally to stump. The children drew some beautiful diagrams demonstrating this! In RE this week, we learned about the Beatitudes. We compared them to the Ten Commandments and we chose our favourite Beatitude, explaining its importance.


Well done for a super week Year 5!

15.06.23 – Week 2


Year 5 have been busy doing their summer assessments this week and have coped well, despite the heat! We enjoyed being out on the field in the sunshine on Monday afternoon for our rounders lesson, during which our focus was on accurate bowling.


In maths this week, we have been continuing to focus upon decimals – adding and subtracting decimals with different numbers of decimal places. In English this week, we have looked at how to use a variety of punctuation and various story starting techniques.


On Tuesday the children enjoyed an online safety workshop, during which the children learned about the importance of communicating concerns with their trusted adults, particularly keeping their parents informed about what they are doing online, for their safety.


In science this week, we learned about the various stages of human growth and development. I was not thrilled to share with them that I officially left ‘early adulthood’ and entered ‘middle adulthood’ a few months ago! They learned that they will all be entering a new phase next year – adolescence.


In DT this week, the children designed their pop-up books, using the techniques we learned about. They can’t wait to get started on making them!


We enjoyed non-uniform day on Wednesday. Thank you for all of the wonderful blue donations which came in!


Well done for a great week year 5!


08.06.23 – Week 1


It has been lovely to see year 5 again after their busy half term breaks. We have heard all about lots of exciting things which the children got up to last week, including many spider-related incidents, randomly!


This week the children have been working on decimals in maths – adding and subtracting. They have been very proficient at this and have been using concrete manipulatives effectively to support their understanding.


In English this week, we have started work around a new book – ‘The London Eye Mystery’. The children have been using this enthralling mystery as inspiration to produce their own outstanding descriptive writing throughout the week.


On Wednesday, the class were lucky to receive a training session from South Northumberland Cricket club, who are running our cricket club on Wednesdays this half term. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session and hopefully it has inspired some of them to join their local clubs!


Another highlight this week has been the commencement of our new Science topic – Animals Including Humans. The first session involved recapping their learning on digestion from last year. It was a very messy lesson, but lots of fun!


In DT, the children started their new topic, which will involve making a pop-up book. In this week’s lesson, the children were tasked with completing some product analysis, which they did very well. I’m sure we’ll end up with some wonderful designs!


Well done for a great first week back Year 5 – keep it up!

Week 6 – 25.05.23


This has been an extremely busy final week of the half term for Year 5. In maths we completed our unit on position and direction and we have now gone back to decimals, which has been useful revision. The children seem to remember most of what we learned earlier in the year and we look forward to going into greater depth after half term.


In English this week, we planned and wrote our final piece on The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. We wrote about the events from two points of view – Philippe’s and also that of an observing policeman, culminating in the policeman arresting Philippe. The children wrote some beautiful pieces, full of imaginative description.


Speaking of imaginative description, on Thursday we enjoyed a trip to Live Theatre, near the Quayside, for a really fun workshop on this topic. The children came up with lots of really fun, inventive ideas and wrote some brilliant stories!


Upon our return to school on Friday, we completed our art topic, creating silk screen prints in the style of Andy Warhol. Ours were a little simpler than his, but the children really enjoyed it and the end results look good!


On Tuesday we enjoyed our final Commando Joe’s session of the year. It was inspired by Spartacus and was a lot of fun. The children came up with some very inventive obstacle courses and tested their communication and teamwork skills by having a go at marching in unison!


Well done for another great half term Year 5. Enjoy the break and I look forward to welcoming you back in June!

Week 5 – 18.05.23


We have had another busy week in Year 5. In maths we have been learning about coordinates, including translation. The children have enjoyed this, describing it as ‘challenging but fun’!


In English, we have been building on our understanding of the The Man Who Walked Between The Towers and exploring vocabulary we could use to describe events. We have also looked at perspective, as next week, we will be describing the events of the story from more than one point of view.


In art this week, we have been looking at how screen printing is done and we have started to plan our own designs, ready to have a go at it next week.


In History we were comparing and contrasting the Islamic Empire to Europe around the time of 1000AD. The children were very good at analysing which was the more advanced civilisation at the time and explaining why.


In RE, we dreamed of a world changed and transformed by friends of Jesus. We created and annotated a picture to illustrate what this world would be like. The children came up with some really good ideas to demonstrate this.


The children had a visit from two nurses to give a puberty talk on Tuesday, which they found very informative. The nurses were very impressed by the maturity shown by our class and they asked lots of really good questions.

11.05.23 – Week 4


Year 5 have coped well with being displaced until breaktime all week due to the SATs. The Holy Hall has been our large, echoey classroom, but we have had a good week nonetheless!


In English this week, we have been hot seating Philippe Petit and witnesses, to understand their thoughts and feelings, as well as using the senses to get a feel for his experience as he walked across the wire.


In maths we have been continuing our work on angles and have also learned about regular and irregular polygons and 3D shapes. The children are enjoying the challenge of learning about shape and have shown great resilience and understanding in this unit.


In RE this week we looked at Fruits of the Spirit and how they might change and transform our lives. We drew a piece of fruit and wrote key words, such as joy, love and hope inside, before writing a piece, reflecting on our own lives and linking it to bible stories.


In music, we completed our compositions and enjoyed listening to one. The children did a great job, especially as for most of them it was their first time composing sheet music!


We devoted Thursday afternoon to creating pieces of art for the Bishop Bewick art exhibition, on the theme ‘Stronger Together’. Using acrylic paints, they created bright, colourful logos of all of the schools in our trust and they look great!

4.5.21 - Week 3


Year 5 have fitted a lot into this very short week!


On Wednesday, we started our new English unit, which is based around the book, ‘The Man Who Walked Between the Towers’ by Mordicai Gerstein. We have looked at the history of the twin towers in New York and the children have spent time getting to know the story of Philippe Petit, who did a tightrope walk between them in 1974. We have also started looking at the emotions that various people must have felt while he did the walk.


In maths, we have had the protractors out and have been practising drawing angles, as well as using our knowledge of degrees in a straight line and degrees around a point to deduce the size of unknown angles.


In PE this week, we worked on our sprinting technique, considering the length of our stride, our hand movements, our upper body positioning and bringing our knees up. The children did really well!


In RE, we considered how Saul felt after Jesus transformed him. We then completed our unit on Transformation with our class liturgy, which the children really enjoyed planning.


We are all very much looking forward to rounding off the week with Friday’s Coronation celebrations!

27.04.23 - Week 2

Year 5 have had fun putting together our calligram poems this week – the children produced some excellent poems, with lots of interesting subjects and shapes chosen!


In maths, we started the week learning about timetables and have since moved onto angles – the children will be dab hands with protractors in no time at all!


We began our new History topic on Monday, looking at why the Early Islamic Civilisation was a significant turning point in history. We’re very much looking forward to getting our teeth into this topic. Many of the children are intrigued, as they are beginning the topic without a huge amount of prior knowledge.


In Science this week, we looked at how the geocentric model of the solar system gave way to the heliocentric model, looking at the work of Ptolemy, Alhazen and Copernicus, amongst others. The children showed a good understanding of why and how our beliefs about our solar system have developed over time.


The children enjoyed their first go at composing in music this week and they are looking forward to completing their amazing compositions next week!

20.04.23 – Week 1


It has been great to be back with Year 5 after their busy Easter breaks. I loved hearing all about their adventures both at home and further afield!

We started our week with a very exciting trip to the Discovery Museum. We thoroughly enjoyed some free time to explore the museum in the morning, then we did a really fun workshop in the afternoon. This involved designing rocket cars, making them as streamlined as possible so that they could travel as fast and as far as possible. The children came up with very interesting designs (and very interesting team names too!) As this trip was the culmination of our Forces topic from last half term, the teacher leading the session was very impressed with the children’s knowledge on the subject!


In maths this week, we have been learning how to read and interpret line graphs and tables. The children have found this a lot of fun and are definitely getting the hang of it! In English, we have started a unit on calligrams (shape poems). The children have enjoyed being inventive with this. They particularly liked using well-known pop songs to explore figurative language in their lesson on Wednesday!


We began our new units in PE – Outdoor Adventurous Activities - on Wednesday which was a lot of fun and the children worked really well together, then on Thursday, the children started their athletics unit. Our focus was on pacing ourselves when running. The children enjoyed the challenge of running for increasingly long periods of time, but were pretty exhausted by the end! In art, we started our new unit on Andy Warhol by researching his life and some of his most famous work. Year 5 are looking forward to using his work as inspiration for some interesting pieces of their own this term!


Well done for a great first week back Year 5!

30.03.23 – Week 5


Year 5 have rounded off the term with another fun-packed week. In English, we planned, drafted and wrote our Newspaper Articles on Shackleton’s Return. They look fantastic and the children have done very well to include all of the features we have been learning about!


In maths this week, we have learned about finding the area of rectangles and compound shapes and we then moved onto learning about line graphs, which they got to grips with very quickly.


On Wednesday the children led our Lent Liturgical Prayer. They were magnificent: each performing their role with the required degree of gravitas. The readers spoke with clarity and expression and the actors played their parts to perfection. Well done Year 5!


This week’s DT lesson saw the culmination of the half term’s topic in which they have been learning about food and seasonality by making the salad which they designed last week. This was a lot of fun, and saw many delicious looking creations!


Well done for a fantastic term’s work Year 5. Keep it up in the summer!

23.03.23 – Week 4

The end of another fun week draws near. Tuesday was a particularly exciting day, as we spent the morning writing poems for the ‘Let the Scriptures Speak’ Personification Poetry challenge. The children wrote some excellent poems, based upon bible stories, from the points of view of various animals and inanimate objects! In the afternoon, we presented some of our poems in the hall, then went back to class to welcome some of our families for our end of unit liturgical prayer. It was lovely to welcome so many family members to our classroom. I thought the children did a brilliant job and they really enjoyed themselves!

In our English lessons throughout the rest of the week, we have been preparing to write our final piece on Shackleton’s Journey. We have explored technical vocabulary, how to include the 5ws in an opening paragraph and how to report what people said, using direct and reported speech.

In maths this week, we have been looking at perimeters of rectangles, rectilinear shapes and polygons. It has been very challenging work. The children found the rectilinear shapes lesson particularly tricky, but they persevered!

Well done Year 5!

16.3.23 – Week 3


Year 5 have had another fun week. In English, we have been continuing to learn about Shackleton’s journey, considering the emotions of the men at the various stages of their journey and analysing newspaper articles, identifying key features.

In Maths this week we have been learning about percentages and relating them to fractions and decimals. The children have worked very hard and are now experts at this!

In netball this week, the children were learning to change direction and speed to lose a defender and in French we were learning all about the importance of learning a foreign language and where they can take you in life.

In DT this week, the children were doing product analysis, investigating packaging, ingredients and websites to analyse a selection of salads.

In RE, we continued our Memorial Sacrifice unit, analysing a part of the Eucharistic Prayer II.

Another busy week – well done Year 5!

09.03.23 – Week 2


Year 5 have squeezed a huge amount into this week. We started off with a very busy Monday, including a workshop with the author, Jenny Pearson, who was very engaging in offering the children some fantastic advice on how to construct a story. Later that day, the children had a session with the NSPCC, during which they participated well in discussions.

This week, we have completed a number of assessments in the mornings, but we have also found time to learn about rounding and percentages in maths, both of which the children enjoyed learning about!

In English, we finished gathering information from ‘Shackleton’s Journey' and learned how to use adverbials in our writing.

In PE this week, the children continued netball and started a new unit on handball, during which we focused upon different throwing techniques and we discussed the benefits of being able to throw the ball in different ways in a game.

In RE this week, we learned about the Eucharist. We focused upon the Last Supper, comparing two sources – Matthew’s Gospel account and the painting, ‘The Last Supper’ by The Master of the House of Housebook.

In Geography, we learned about why the use of non-renewable energy is a problem and in Science we have been learning about gravity.

Another productive week – well done Year 5!

02.03.23 – Week 1


It has been lovely to welcome the children back after our week off. They have settled back into our routines fairly quickly in what has been a typically busy week!

In English we received a message from our editor, asking us to research and write the best newspaper article his newspaper has ever seen, informing the public about the return of Shackleton from his great journey. We have spent time this week gathering information about his journey from our text, ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. The children have been fascinated by the trials and tribulations faced by the crew of Endurance.

In maths we have been learning about thousandths as fractions and decimals. We have been placing decimals which include thousandths on place value charts and also putting a selection of them in order.

In geography we started our new topic this week – we looked at what we use energy for and categorised some of these things under the headings, 'work', 'home' and 'transport'.

In computing, we created a paper version of a record card database and in PE the children started their new unit on netball, which was a lot of fun. The children also enjoyed visiting the lent reflection area in forest school for some quiet prayer and reflection.

Thursday was World Book Day, which was definitely the highlight of our week – the children put so much thought into their costumes and looked fantastic! We had a great book-themed day, completing ‘The Great Footy and Book Quiz’ and making our own ‘Concertina books’! Well done Year 5!

16.02.23 – Week 6

We have had a great week in Year 5. The children have written some fabulous formal letters, which we then devoted time to editing and improving. They used formal language very effectively.

In maths we have been working on equivalent fractions and decimals – challenging work, but the children have approached all of the work with confidence and they have made great progress!

In history, we rounded off our Vikings topic by learning about Danelaw and we assessed our understanding of the topic as a whole. The children were able to explain what they have learnt really well.

In computing we wrote a program that used random number variables, using the algorithm which we had prepared in the previous lesson. The children then transferred this program onto a micro:bit. They were very successful!

In PE, the children put together all of the skills they have developed in the unit to take part in a mini tournament, which they really enjoyed!

Well done for working so hard this half term Year 5. I’m looking forward to more of the same after the break!

09.02.23 – Week 5

Year 5 have worked hard this week and have been showing increased maturity of late – I have had far fewer minor disputes to deal with this term! I was delighted to see so much great communication and teamwork in our football PE session on Wednesday!

In maths this week we have been calculating fractions of quantities and amounts, as well as finding the whole. The children are enjoying the challenge of our fractions work and are showing a really good understanding!

In English we have been looking at letters of complaint. We have compared examples of formal and informal language and have come up with our own examples. We have also looked at examples of good and bad formal letters and picked out some features.

In RE, we have started our unit on Islam. This week the children learned about Ramadan and Eid-Ul-Fitr. Our children of Muslim faith really enjoyed being the experts and sharing their knowledge with the class!

As it is ‘Internet Safety Week’, this has been a big focus for us this week. In Year 5, pupils learn about using technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognising acceptable/unacceptable behaviour and identifying a range of ways to report concerns about content and contact. We welcomed a guest educator from Prevent to speak to the children on these topics. We also watched a video by a well-known YouTube vlogger, who was talking about his experiences and the lessons that he has had to learn the hard way. The children were very engaged and we had some really good discussions.

Well done for another great week Year 5!

02.02.23 - Week 4

It has been a fun-filled week in Year 5. We got off to an enjoyable start, as on Monday, the children planned and completed their end of unit liturgical prayer in RE and we were delighted to see so many family members in attendance.

We had our second Commando Joe’s day of the year on Tuesday. The children found out about the achievements of Sir Ranulph Fiennes and he inspired them to take on numerous challenges throughout the day, including some world record attempts!

In art this week, we experimented with creating different effects with acrylic paint, then used these methods to augment our work from last week. They have produced some stunning work!

In English we have now planned our legend and I now look forward to seeing what they produce, using the fantastic writing they have produced over the past fortnight, as we have focused upon similes, metaphors, pathetic fallacy, prepositions and conjunctions.

In maths, we have been working on fractions this week, multiplying fractions by integers, then progressing onto multiplying mixed numbers by integers. The children have done really well with this, though we need to avoid errors when converting improper fractions to mixed numbers!

In history this week, the children were learning about Alfred the Great and how he dealt with the Viking invaders. In science, this week we are looking at reversible and irreversible changes, experimenting with chocolate!

Well done Year 5!

26.1.23 – Week 3

 It’s been another busy week in Year 5.  We completed our unit on multiplication and division in maths and started a new one on fractions.  The children seem to really be enjoying maths – they work with great enthusiasm and they’re doing really well because of this!

In English we are working towards writing a legend, based around ‘The Lambton Worm’.  Though most of the children had not heard this local legend before, they have relished using it as a basis for producing some fantastic writing this week.  We have used similes and metaphors to describe mythical creatures and we have used our senses to describe settings.

In history this week, we looked at why the Vikings raided the UK coast and why they eventually chose to invade and settle.  We also analysed sources and discussed how events can be seen from different perspectives.

In computing we discussed the uses of step-counters and how they work, then we wrote an algorithm for one, before attempting to program a micro:bit device as a step-counter.  In art, the children were exploring different washes of paint, with some very attractive results!

In RE this week, we did an extended piece of writing about Jesus’ mission, what we can learn from Jesus and what he taught us about diversity. In Dance, the children added a consideration of relationships and space to the moves they have been developing this term.  They worked hard and they’re doing very well!

19.1.23 – Week 2

We’ve had another enjoyable week of learning in Year 5. The children have now fully settled back into their routines and have been working really hard.

In maths this week, we have progressed from multiplication to division. The children achieved an impressive level of competence in long multiplication and are now also showing great confidence with short division too.

In English, we finished preparing for writing our explanation text on the planet Pandora. The children all produced fantastic final pieces of writing on Thursday – all of their careful, thorough preparation paid off!

In RE this week, we learned about what a diocese is, information about our local diocese and how the people of our diocese are living out Jesus’ mission.

In art, the children used Paul Klee for inspiration, as they enjoyed exploring colours, shades and tints. They also explored blocking in colour.

In French, we were learning how to form a sentence, saying what there is in Paris, using all of the place names we have learnt in previous lessons. In computing, the children applied their learning from last week, by creating and using variables. They considered how the variables were changed and used, and sequenced instructions to create an algorithm to represent this.

In PE this week, the children practised passing in football and in dance, the children added dynamics to the actions they came up with in last week’s ‘Dance by chance’ lesson.

Another great week, Year 5!

12.1.23 – Week 1

It has been great to see Year 5 again this week after the Christmas break. Everyone seems to have come back refreshed and ready for the new term.

In maths, we have started a multiplication unit and we have progressed to multiplying two-digit by three-digit numbers using long multiplication.

In English, we are learning how to write an explanation text about the fictional planet of Pandora. We have been looking at how to vary the clause structures we use in our writing and also how to use a range of cohesive devices, including adverbials. The children have produced some beautiful writing so far!

In History we recapped our learning on Anglo-Saxons from Autumn 1, in preparation for going on to learn about the Vikings this term, which will be very exciting!

We started our new PE units this week: football and dance. The children approached both with tremendous enthusiasm!

In computing, we looked at variables. We played a variation of the game Jenga and discussed the variables which we had introduced to the game. The children then went on to produce their own variable character description.

Well done Year 5 for a great start to the Spring term!

22.12.22 – Week 8


We’ve had a hectic final week in Year 5, with lots to squeeze in! As well as finishing off our fractions unit in maths and writing our instructions in English, we have devoted a lot of time to the completion and judging of our DT bridges, which were incredible feats of engineering! Judged on their aesthetics, the weight they could carry and the cost of manufacture, our winning teams were The Crazy Conkers, The Brilliant Bridge Builders and Team KK – well done! All of the teams worked really hard and produced excellent bridges!

On Tuesday, we had our party day, which included making calendars, solving clues to discover which of the elves had taken Santa’s sleigh, party games and a disco. The children had lots of fun and taught me some new games and dances!

The children have worked so hard this term and have been a pleasure to teach. I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas break and that everyone comes back refreshed in January!

PS. Thanks so much for the lovely (and very generous) Christmas gifts!

15.12.22 - Week 7

Year 5 have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week. Along with the rest of KS2 they sang and read beautifully at the KS2 carol service on Wednesday evening!

In English this week, we have been writing instructions using conjunctions, prepositions, adverbials of time, imperative verbs and adverbs. Lots to remember, but they have been doing really well!

In maths, we have been doing additions and subtractions involving mixed numbers. They have worked really hard at this. I’m sure by now they must be dreaming of fractions at night!

In RE this week, we learned about advent and the symbolism behind the advent wreath. The children used the skills they have been developing in English to write an instructions booklet on what to include in your own advent wreath, including an explanation of how lighting each candle on the wreath relates to Christian belief in waiting hopefully during Advent.

In DT, the children are now nearing the completion of their bridges. They have used a variety of different combinations of materials and various techniques. We will be assessing them next week, but they certainly look good!

Despite the poor weather, we have still managed to get outside and do PE this week, including some tennis in the snow!

8.12.22 – Week 6

Year 5 have sung a lot of carols this week! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to St Mary’s Cathedral for the Year 5 Carol Service, attended by all of the Catholic primary schools in the Newcastle area. The children sang and read beautifully! We have also been busy preparing for next week’s St Charles' Carol Service!

On Monday, the children led our second Advent Liturgical Prayer and did fantastically well.

In maths this week we have been adding and subtracting fractions. The children have worked really hard on this challenging aspect of the maths curriculum and are doing really well!

In English we have been preparing to write a biography about a famous person: gathering information, finding relevant quotes and writing emotively about the challenges they have faced in their lives.

In DT this week, the children have been continuing the construction of their bridges, putting all of their careful design plans into action.

In science, the children tested how the temperature of water affects how quickly sugar dissolves in it. They then presented their data in bar chart form.

Another great week – lots more fun to come before Christmas!

1.12.22 – Week 5

It has been another very busy week in Year 5. On Tuesday, we had a visitor from the Laing Art Gallery, to do some activities around the Lindisfarne Gospels, following on from last week’s visit.


On Wednesday we had a Healthy Active Lifestyle Team Games session, led by a representative from the Newcastle PE and School Sport Service. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves!


We have finished our NFER test papers this week and have also been comparing and ordering fractions in maths. In English we have started learning about the features of Biographies.


In DT, we began the construction of the bridges the children have carefully designed and budgeted for. In geography, we were learning about cold environments, focusing upon Polar and Tundra climates. In science, we made electrical circuits and used them to test which metals were the best conductors.


In RE this week, the children produced some beautiful advent-themed spiritual art. They each created a Jesse Tree, the idea for which is inspired from Isaiah 11 ‘’A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a branch will bear fruit,” (Jesse was the father of King David).

24.11.22 – Week 4

Year 5 have been busy with assessments this week but have still found time for lots of other fun activities! In maths, we have been ordering fractions and in English, we have planned our legends, ready to write them on Monday.


In DT, we completed budget sheets, in preparation for beginning the construction of our bridges next week. As well as their cost, the children’s bridges will be judged on other factors, such as their aesthetics and the weight they can hold.


In Geography, we learned about temperate climates and how plants and animals have adapted to them.


We went on a fantastic trip to the Laing Art Gallery, Central Library and the Cathedral of St Nicholas on Wednesday. Three separate members of the public complimented the children on their impeccable behaviour. The children saw the incredible Lindisfarne Gospels and learned about how stories and messages can be passed on across centuries and even millennia, but that their details can often change slightly over time. At the cathedral, the children had fun exploring and drawing objects and producing a piece of art in groups.


We have crammed a lot into a slightly shorter week. Enjoy your three-day weekend and come back refreshed Year 5!

17.11.22 – Week 3

We have had a busy Anti-Bullying Week. We wore odd socks on Monday and on Thursday the children had an assembly from the NSPCC about staying safe. We also made an anti-bullying pledge video, outlining the importance of Anti-Bullying Week and how we can pledge to be kind to others.

In English this week, we have been working on writing a Legend, using The Tale of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter for inspiration. The children have used pathetic fallacy and have produced some outstanding character and setting descriptions. I look forward to reading their final pieces next week!

In maths we have been learning about converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, as well as comparing fractions less than one. The children are getting very good at using manipulatives to support them in their maths work.

In geography this week, we learned about hot deserts, including the plants and animals which live in them. In DT, we started the planning process for the construction of bridges and the children considered which structural methods might best meet their needs.

Well done for another great week Year 5!

10.11.22 - Week 2

Year 5 have had a great week. Commando Joe’s on Tuesday was definitely a highlight! We found out all about the British astronaut Tim Peake and wrote a biography about him. We then used our maths skills to plan how much food we could bring on a space mission and how much space it would take up in our space craft. In the afternoon, the children completed a number of missions and showed incredible teamwork skills, until some incredibly heavy rain came and soaked them all!


In English this week the children have written a non-chronological report on the topic of Lego. This is a subject which has really enthused them and they have produced some excellent writing.


In maths, we have started a new topic – fractions. We have been learning about equivalent unit and non-unit fractions and the children have shown a great understanding of the work we have covered in lessons, using movable fraction strips effectively to assist their learning.


In RE this week we were looking at the Sacrament of Marriage and the numerous promises and symbols involved, as well as watching excerpts from a wedding ceremony. In PE we learned how to hit a backhand, though the extremely windy conditions made this extra challenging! In DT we used art straws to look at different methods of reinforcing structures. We analysed which type of triangulation was the most effective at coping with different types of force.

Well done Year 5!

3.11.22 - Week 1

It has been a very busy week in Year 5!


In English we have been learning about the history of Lego in preparation for writing a non-chronological report on the subject next week. The children have been very interested in learning about this and have been very engaged in gathering the required information and practising the use of phrases to show the passing of time.


In Maths we have been learning about square and cube numbers, as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. The children have worked very hard at mastering these skills.


We began our new Geography topic on Monday, looking at climate and the equator. We learned about the difference between weather and climate and talked about the link between rainfall and the equator.


The children also enjoyed beginning their new DT topic (Structures, learning about how forces affect bridges) and their new PE sports (tennis and rugby).


Keep up the good work Year 5!

20.10.22 – Week 7

I was thrilled with the final outcomes of our Take One Picture work at the end of last week and we have had another exciting week to round off the first half of the autumn term!


On Wednesday, we had our Team Challenge Day. The children approached each task with no fear and I was so impressed by their positive attitudes and their teamwork skills. They were great at encouraging one another and they were quick to develop new skills!


In English this week, we have been learning the features of a recount and we wrote a diary entry, based around a short film that we had watched, called The Alchemist’s letter. The children produced some excellent work!


In maths, we have been looking at factors, multiples and rounding. The children have used manipulatives in the lessons to help them to visualise what they are doing and they have grasped these concepts very well.


In History, we explored how the Anglo Saxons came to switch from Paganism to following Christianity, focusing upon four saints who were influential in this.


It has been a really fun seven weeks and I am very proud of the class for the great work they have produced this half term. I hope you all have a great holiday and come back refreshed!


13.10.22 - Week 6

Year 5 have worked very hard this week and have been very considerate, as I was reduced to whispering at them due to a nasty cold taking away my voice!

In English we have written our ‘Eye of the Storm’ narrative and the children did a fantastic job of utilising all of the literary devices we have been learning about, as well as using plenty of ambitious vocabulary.

In maths we have looked at inverse operations, multi-step problems and comparing calculations.

In music this week, after responding to musical phrases by clapping back a rhythm, then improvising responses, the children were given the chance to hone their skills on the xylophones, performing the song ‘Words Can Hurt’.

In history we looked at the essential features of Anglo Saxon settlements. We used sources to analyse these features, then produced Estate Agent adverts to market their dream Anglo Saxon homes! They did a brilliant job!

The week is culminating in our Take One Picture art project, which the children are thoroughly enjoying and I'm sure the final products - boats that they are constructing from clay, inspired by the paintings of Claude-Joseph Vernet - will look fantastic!

Keep up the good work Year 5!

06.10.22 - Week 5

This week Year 5 have been busy completing their Bikeability course. The teachers were very impressed by the behaviour of the children and how well they focused upon learning about road safety. The class even got to meet Olympic Gold medal winner, Chris Boardman, who popped in to meet them!

In English this week we have been learning about the use of colons and semi colons to augment our sentences, as well as using techniques such as ‘Show not tell’. The children have produced some outstanding fantasy story writing based around a short film called, ‘The Eye of the Storm’.

In maths, we have been working on addition and subtraction, including mental methods and rounding to check answers.

In computing we began making flyers for an imaginary Halloween Party, using a seasonal event flyer template and then editing the features. The children showed a flair for design and their texts made the parties sound like a lot of fun!

It has been another enjoyable and productive week in Year 5!

29.9.22 - Week 4
This week, Year 5 have been rounding numbers up to 1,000,000 - quite a tricky skill, but they have shown good determination!
In English, we have begun looking at fictional narratives and the children have come up with a very impressive array of adjectives! We have also looked at how we can augment our work through the use of colons and semi colons.
In PE we have been learning to pass and shoot accurately in hockey. The children are looking more and more confident controlling the ball and aiming their passes and shots.
In RE, the children worked together to create a litany to give thanks for the qualities that we possess. We also analysed the qualities that a parent should possess and drew parallels with God's role as a loving parent.
Well done for another great week Year 5!
Mr Smart
22.9.22 - Week 3
It has been a short week, but a busy one in Year 5! In English we have been using a variety of persuasive devices to put together strong counter arguments in preparation for writing to Liz Truss and convincing her not to ban children from owning mobile phones!
In science we have been learning all about the life cycles of amphibians. We initially focused upon frogs, then researched a variety of other amphibians, learning lots of very interesting facts about them! We look forward to moving on to mammals next!
The school was lucky enough to have an exciting visitor on Thursday, when former Team GB Olympic swimmer, Adam Whitehead came to speak to us in assembly. The children learned a lot about the importance of showing commitment and practising skills. One of our pupils was lucky enough to get to wear his Team GB jacket (it was a bit big for her!) and his Commonwealth gold medal in front of the school!
Well done for another great week Year 5!
8.9.22 - Week 1
We have had a great first week in Year 5! The children have been very patient with me as I learn how things are done in a new school and they have really impressed me with their enthusiasm towards all of the subjects we have covered.
We have started our topic 'Ourselves' in RE. In the lesson, we discussed what special talents and unique qualities we possess. The children painted a picture to represent the following passage from the bible:
I Peter 2:9

But you are a chosen race, the King’s priests, the holy nation, God’s own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into his own marvellous light.

 In English we have looked at some Michael Rosen poems and have created our own one together. Next week the children will be writing and performing their own short poems. We have also been looking at Roman Numerals and Place Value in maths.

 It has been a pleasure getting to know my new class this week and I am very excited about the year ahead!

 Mr Smart

We join with Bishop Robert and the whole of BBCET, to mourn the loss of our beloved Queen. We pray for the repose of her soul and for her family. We are very grateful for her years of service. We give thanks to God for everything she has done. May she rest in peace.

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