School opens at 8.40am, the school day starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.20pm from 5 September 2022.

Year 6

Week 6
Thursday 15th July

We’ve had a great week in Year 6! We began with our Leavers mass which the children loved being a part of. We were welcomed into church by Father Bill for the first time, as a class, since the pandemic began and gave thanks to God for our time at St Charles’. We also thanked the many people who have supported our educational journey to date. 


We then spent two whole days on our bikes, exploring the roads of Gosforth, whilst learning all about the rules of safety when riding a bike. We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and were very responsible when tackling some of the more difficult routes which included cycling on the road, alongside vehicles.


I was extremely happy to hear about the positive responses to the end of year reports. The children have worked so hard throughout what has been a very difficult year so I was proud to share their success with you.


I look forward to celebrating our final week together – have a lovely weekend everyone!


Miss Farrar

Week 5
Thursday 8th July

What an action packed week we’ve had in Year 6!  STEAM week presented us with a major challenge which required us to come up with a new product for the Olympics. We decided to create our very own sport using an idea we learnt about at the Discovery Museum last week: Hovercrafting! We began by exploring the science behind hovercrafts and carried out our own investigation where we made mini prototypes and tested a variety of different surfaces. We concluded that wooden flooring was the best surface to use for our Hovercrafting sport as friction is massively reduced when pressed against the base of our hovercraft, allowing it to travel at a high speed. We then designed and made a variety of different products for our sport including: a break and steer system, safety gear, an ‘emergency assistance’ kit and a light. We applied lots of scientific skills during our many challenges and successfully produced a fantastic new sport for the Olympics. We then created a pitch in the style of Dragon’s Den and pitched it to Mrs Nealings. We now await the results – fingers crossed it isn’t Mrs Kelly and Miss Farrar getting dunked at the closing ceremony!

Week 4
Thursday 1st July

We had a fantastic time at the Discovery Museum on Thursday with Year 5 where we explored the museum and investigated topics linking to our ks2 science and DT curriculum such as: hover craft, pulleys and energy.


We are now preparing for our final few weeks at St Charles’ by practising our performance which we can’t wait to share with you all as well as planning our leavers mass which we hope to be able to deliver in church. We’re also getting our thinking caps on in preparation for STEAM week next week, where we will compete with the rest of the school to come up with our very own invention. There will be a special visitor coming in to school tomorrow to chat to the children about a special event next week. I wonder who it could be?!


Well done on another fantastic week – I can’t wait to see what we come up with during STEAM week!


Miss Farrar

Week 3
Thursday 24th June

Happy end of SATS week!

A huge congratulations to you all, for making it to the end of your SATS week. Although SATS week was a little different for you this year, this does not overshadow the hard work and determination you have applied throughout your time here at St Charles’. The grades you have achieved are well deserved and are extremely important to your future. I am very proud of you all…

This week, outside of completing SATS, Year 6 have put great effort into rehearsing for their performance. I have been really impressed by their ability to learn their lines quickly, their acting skills and wonderful singing. We’re really excited to share our final performance with you all in a few weeks!


You’ve worked extremely hard Year 6 and will reap the rewards…

I look forward to our Leavers’ celebration and preparation for STEAM week tomorrow!

Week 2
Thursday 17th June

This week in science, we carried out an investigation to find out what happens to our heart rate when doing a variety of different exercises. We then recorded our data in the form of a graph and analysed it to come up with a conclusion. The children were surprised by how much some exercises increased their heart rate. In Geography, we explored plate boundaries and discussed how earthquakes and volcanoes are formed and in DT, we introduced our new topic ‘Seasonal Cooking’, where we investigated which time of year different foods were available to buy and why this was.

This week, in ‘bikeability’, we learned all about how to position ourselves correctly so that we’re able to balance when riding our bikes. We also learned different techniques which enabled us to control a bike when facing obstacles.

We are finishing our week by revising year 6 objectives in preparation for SATS week, next week. The children have fully embraced the challenge of completing a range of problem solving questions, relating to different areas of the math and are demonstrating great knowledge in grammar revision sessions.


Well done for another week of hard work – it will all pay off.

I look forward to our leavers celebration next Friday and the action-packed weeks ahead.


Miss Farrar

Thursday 10th June

We’ve had a great first week back at school! In English, we explored a range of information leaflets, identifying the features and their purpose. The children showed great knowledge and understanding of why the layout and presentation of leaflets is significant.


We were introduced to new topic ‘Our World’ in Geography, where we learned all about the positioning and structure of the Earth.  Ask the children to name the four layers of the Earth!


The highlight of week was definitely PE as we were lucky enough to have a specialist come in to teach us all about cycling. We learned how to prepare our bikes and helmets to ensure they are safe and comfortable to use when riding as well as how to check/ adjust our wheels, breaks and seats. We then played games which helped us understand how to travel safely on a bike.


Well done on a fantastic first week back, have a sun filled weekend everyone!

Week 6
Thursday 27th May

We’ve made it to the end of summer 1!


This week, we completed our English unit and wrote a first person narrative from the perspective of ‘The Little Freak’. The children worked hard on improving their writing to include features such as: pathetic fallacy, show not tell and a range of imagery. I was particularly impressed by the children’s ideas for symbolism which represented key themes of ‘The Little Freak’. These included entrapment, loneliness, freedom, vanity, relationships and humility. Well done on producing some fantastic pieces of writing year 6!


In RE, we began our new topic: Reconciliation. We discussed what it means to reconcile as well as scenarios where we have sought forgiveness or have forgiven others. We produced some beautiful spiritual art, linking to scripture. I have included some of the children’s art work in the gallery below!


I hope you all enjoy a well-earned rest over half term year 6. I look forward to all of our exciting plans next half term!


Miss Farrar

Week 5
Thursday 20th May
This week, we came to the end of our RE unit: Pentecost. We researched several different missionaries and explored scripture which told the stories of witnesses to God. We discussed what it means to be a modern witness and how by believing in our hearts, spreading the word of God and following in Jesus' footsteps, we are acting as God's witnesses. We ended our unit with a lovely liturgy, led by children. Please see the pictures below.
In DT, children produced some fantastic WW2 sculptures. Check them out in the gallery below...
In history, we really enjoyed researching the common foods eaten by the Mayas. We focused on the two most eaten foods (maize and chocolate) and ended the lesson with a class debate about which was the most significant. We decided maize was the most important food as it takes up approximately 80% of the Maya diet and is used as medicine when the Mayas are feeling poorly.
Well done for yet another week of hard work year 6, have a fantastic weekend!
Week 4 
Friday 14th May
This week, was mental health awareness week so we discussed the importance of mental health and shared our worries as a class. We also discussed different ways of dealing with negative emotions. We watched videos, played games and had discussions about how our feelings have changed throughout the pandemic. We also spent time decorating our ‘Emotion Explosion’ box. This is a place where we can write about how we are feeling and share it with our class teacher. 
In English, we finished out persuasive writing unit by sending letters to our Prime Minister, explaining why it would be a good idea to hire us as his assistants. We produced some fantastic writing which included many features such as: flattery emotive language, statistics and anecdotes. I was really impressed by the children's ability to structure their own work and form well presented and clear arguments which they were then able to edit and improve through peer and self assessment. Children then put forward their argument to the rest of the class and responded to interview questions relating to the content of their letter.
In history, we investigated a range of different historical soruces relating to the Mayas.  We discussed the difference between primary and secondary sources and came up with examples of each, explaining what each source can tell us about historical events and how reliable they are.
 Well done every body - have a great weekend!
Week 3
Friday 7th May

This week, we introduced our new RE topic ‘Pentecost’. We discussed what it means to be a witness and produced some fantastic spiritual art – check it out in the gallery below.

In PE, we got really competitive when applying a variety of skills throughout many challenging games. Skills included: running; throwing; catching; agility; balance and coordination.

The highlight of our week was number day! First, we completed a maths challenge, which required children working as part of a team to organise a school trip. The, we created our very own number t-shirt which included different representations of our chosen number – 75 (see gallery below). Finally, we competed against the other classes in a timed maths challenge.


Well done for all of your hard work this week Year 6 – have a great weekend!

Week 2
Friday 30th April

Another fantastic week for year 6… In maths, we conquered some tricky problem solving questions relating to ratio, scale factor and fractions and in English, we worked really hard to develop our writing skills with a focus on editing and improving our own work. We produced fantastic setting and character descriptions and even up levelled a piece of Miss Farrar’s writing. We then finished the unit, by writing a narrative based on film study ‘The Road’s End’ and worked hard to include all of the features required to create a great suspense story. I was really impressed by the children’s assessment of their own work as well as each other’s – well done year 6!


In PE, we got very competitive playing ‘mini games’ in cricket – our focus this week was ‘attacking the ball’ as fielders. In ICT, we produced some fantastic powerpoint presentations which included a range of features such as: animations, images, backgrounds, smart art and hyperlinks.


Next week, we will start our new RE topic ‘Pentecost’ and will continue to develop our problem solving skills when looking at percentages in maths.


Well done for another week of hard work year 6 – have a lovely weekend!


Miss Farrar :D
Week 1
Friday 23rd April

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the term. The highlight of our week was our World War 2  Commando Joes themed day, where we learned all about the Holocaust, solved problems relating to rationing and completed agent missions. Children really enjoyed working as a team to build watch towers – they even survived several bomb raids and managed to keep their tower standing tall. We also enjoyed creating a waterproof shelter and  protecting our team bases from the enemies. Check out the pictures below!


In English this week, children produced some fantastic setting descriptions  about our English film hook ‘The Road’s end’. We have applied a variety of different techniques to our writing which have helped build suspense including  a range of  imagery. As a class, we have been working hard to up level our own work by doing lots of editing and improving.


A huge thank you to children and parents who nurtured our sweet pea plants over the Easter holiday – they’re all looking fabulous!


Wishing you all a relaxing and sunny weekend.


Miss Farrar

Week 6
Thursday 1st April

This week, year 6 worked really hard to complete several maths and English assessment papers – a huge well done everyone!  In RE, we continued with our Lent topic and learnt all about the stations of the cross and the moments which led up to Jesus’ death. We explored religious symbols included in the mass which takes place on Ash Wednesday as well as the meaning behind prayers read by the priest. In science, we explored shadows and the theory behind them. We looked at ways of changing the size and shape of shadows by changing the angle of the light, as well as the distance between the light and the object creating the shadow. Children finished the topic by performing  ‘shadow puppet shows’.


We also enjoyed some Easter fun as we decorated eggs for the annual competition. Well done to everyone who took part – they were all fantastic! Check out the pictures below…


Another well done to the children who have nurtured our sweet pea plants daily , they’re growing fast and are looking fantastic.


Next term is another busy one, we’ll be learning all about the Mayas in history and exploring animals including humans in science. In art, we’ll make our own clay WW2 sculptures and in PE,  we’ll be developing our fielding skills and build up to playing cricket matches.


Well done for all of your hard work throughout this unusual term year 6  - I wish you all a happy Easter.


Miss Farrar

Week 1
Friday 23rd April
Week 5
Friday 26th March

On Thursday 1 April, St. Charles' RC Primary changed its name to St. Charles' Catholic Primary School and became part of a new family; the Bishop Bewick Trust. Mrs Nealings held a video call with the children to announce this exciting news and we all celebrated with an ice cream and an extended break in the sun.


This week, we began our new RE topic, Lent, by discussing the meaning of new life and death and completed spiritual art. The children produced some lovely pieces – check them out in the gallery below! We also spent time in Forest School, reflecting upon our Lenten promises as we approach Holy Week. Next week, we will recall the events leading up to Jesus’s death and resurrection.


In English, we had great fun learning all about the features of nonsense poems. We looked closely at Jabberwocky, written by Lewis Carol, which we really enjoyed reciting and then performing to the rest of the class. We then wrote our own imitations of  Jabberwocky and finished the unit by writing our own nonsense poems!


Well done on another week of hard work year 6 - have a lovely weekend!

Week 4
Friday 19th March

We’ve had another action-packed week in year 6! We began by experimenting refraction in science and discussed how light waves travel at a different speed when they go through other transparent materials, such as water or glass.  We discovered that refraction creates illusions – check out the pictures below!


In RE we wrote a guide explaining the sacrament of the Eucharist, fit for those who are new to the faith. We discussed the meaning behind Holy Communion, where it began and the impact it has on individuals and communities. We then ended our ‘Unity’ topic with a lovely liturgy which was led by the children. We reflected on situations that unite us and the children provided ideas on how we can remain unite going forward.


We ended the week, celebrating Red Nose Day by painting our noses red and sharing jokes. Mrs Nealings picked her favourite as part of a competition at the end of the day…


My favourite was ‘ Why did the teacher roll her eyes?'

Because she couldn’t control her pupils!!!


Have a restful weekend year 6!


Miss Farrar

Week 4
Friday 12th March

It’s been wonderful to have you all back in school year 6! You’ve all settled in so well after what has been a very unusual few months and have slipped right back into routines, demonstrating positive attitudes towards your work  – congratulations on completing your first week back!


We’ve had a very busy week in year 6. In maths, we’ve been investigating the properties of different shapes and have conquered some tricky problem solving questions relating to angles. In English, we’ve been learning all about the features of a news report in preparation for writing our own next week. We really enjoyed going into role as different characters from film hook ‘ The Lighthouse’ in order to explore the rules of direct and reported speech. I’ll be sure to update you with some of the work produced next week!


In science, we investigated light and how it reflects to enable us to see objects which are over or around something. Check out the images below to see the results!


The highlight of our week, was definitely the lovely prayers produced in RE, when we discussed the meaning behind each part of the Our Father and created our own modern interpretations. I’ve included some examples of the work produced in the gallery below!


Well done for all of your hard work this week - have a lovely weekend !


Miss Farrar

Friday 8 January
Happy New Year
During this lockdown blogs will not be updated weekly while we continue to teach in school and deliver home learning. I hope you understand. We look forward to welcoming all the children back soon.
Friday 18 December

We have had a jam packed week of festive fun in Year 6!

On Tuesday we took part in a computer Micro:Bit workshop. First we had to programme our Micro:bit to create a dice so we could play festive bingo. We created the programme on the computer and downloaded it to our Micro:bit via USB. Once you shook the Micro:bit it would act like a dice showing numbers.

We were then given the challenge of creating a programme that would let us light up a Christmas decoration. We had to use several USB cables and create a circuit with our microbit. It was so much fun and some of us were lucky enough to choose colour changing lights!

Thanks to GEM Education for coming in and doing the workshop with us. 

We also spent the week learning all about Forces in science. We conducted several investigations and experiments all about gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. 

We finished the week with our Christmas party where we watched a pantomine and took part in lots of party games and quizzes.

One more week to go until Christmas now, I'm looking forward to our last two days of DT and Art to finish off a brilliant term. 

Miss Hutton



Friday 11 December
Year 6 have had a lovely day today and enjoyed wearing our Christmas jumpers to raise money for Save The Children. We have been practising our socially distanced singing outside and today we were recorded singing 'Jingle Bells' and 'Deck The Halls.' This afternoon we also completed some art work for the Mini Vinnies' 'Hearts for Homes' project. This involved writing a message to someone in a care home and drawing a picture to cheer them up as we know they may feel lonely at this time of year (even more so because of Covid).
Our day had a very exciting end with a power cut!
Friday 27 November
This week in Maths we have been exploring 2d and 3d shapes. We revised the properties of different shapes and explored nets. On Thursday, we had a practical lesson: we were given an image of a net and had to test out whether the net would be able to make a 3d shape. We also had fun creating our own 3d shapes and exploring their net.
Friday 20 November
On Wednesday, Year 6 spent part of their afternoon in Forest School. We were very excited to have a campfire... and luckily the weather was kind to us. Miss Owens worked with small groups of children to bake bread over the fire... she made dough prior to the lesson for us to use. We had to use a long stick, cover the end of the stick with tin foil then twist the dough around the tin foil. We then had to get into the 'respect position' so we were sturdy before putting the end of our stick above the flames of the fire to cook our dough. We rotated the stick to ensure all the dough was baked evenly. When we were happy that it was baked enough, we waited for it to cool enough so we could touch it then ate the bread... some of us even chose to have some homemade jam with it!
Whilst small groups were working with Miss Owens, the rest of the class were creating an obstacle course using natural resources from the Forest School. The children that did not get a chance to bake bread this week will be able to do this before the end of term.
Overall we had an amazing afternoon and can't wait for our next opportunity to use the Forest School area.
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Friday 13 November
Homework in Year 6

Reading: Children are expected to read daily and record in the yellow reading records. Children can record a range of books from home, the school library and the colour band books from school.


Maths: Mathletics is set every Monday and is due the following Monday. Year 6 now have access to Times Table Rockstars (using their previous login details) and Mrs Binney will set challenges each Monday – this will need to be completed by the following Friday.


English (Grammar): This is set via Teams every Friday and is expected to be completed by the following Wednesday.


English (Spelling): Spellings are stuck into the spelling homework books at the start of each term. Each week, children are to practise the spellings for the week by writing a line of each word then apply it to a sentence. This work is set on a Friday and due the following Friday when it will be marked in class.

Friday 6 November
Year 6 had a fantastic morning to celebrate the feast of St Charles. We started our morning by understanding what a mission and a missionary is - by sending someone out of the classroom while we enjoyed a treat! We tried to get the message to the person who was out of the class so we could tell them they could come and enjoy a treat... this proved to be difficult! We realised the best way to do this was to send a missionary to the hall to spread the message.
We then focused on the importance of our school mission and what it means. We designs a new school logo in our art books before making 3D versions of them. 
Friday 16 October
In art this term, Year 6 have been exploring a range of sketching techniques. Whilst doing this, they have examined artwork by Geoff Nutkin and have started to use sketching techniques in the style of Geoff Nutkin.
Friday 9 October
Year 6 have had another busy week! We have particularly worked hard in maths over the past few days as we begin to grasp the method for long division. Some children found it tricky and so I will put a video on Teams over the weekend if they wish to practise at home. 
Today was 'Brighten up the Harvest' day and I was very impressed with the range of colours that brightened our classroom... thank you for making a great effort. We started our Friday with some PE assessments.. Mrs Binney had fun making slo-mo videos while we worked hard!
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Friday 2 October


Calm Down!

In RHE this week, we explored different emotions we may experience or have experiences as a result of Coronavirus or everyday life. We focused particularly on anxiety, discussing how it feels different to different people and how it can effect day to day activities. We discussed how anxiety might make you feel, think and act. To help us cope with these feelings, we explored different coping strategies to help keep our bodies calm and relaxed. We made a ‘calm down’ dice which will help us when we feel stressed, anxious or worried.

Friday 25 September
Happy Friday!
Year 6 have had a fantastic week filled with fun. On Wednesday afternoon we spent time with Miss Owens and Mrs Binney in the forest school area. We were given a very basic outline of the area and a tree identification sheet. Our task was to identify the different trees and add them to our map. If we weren't sure what type of tree it was then we kept a leaf and did some research to find out. Even though it was a very rainy afternoon, it didn't dampen our spirits!
On Thursday morning we had a computing workshop via video link with Chris from RGS. We spent the entire morning using Scratch to create and program our very own Pacman game. Some parts were quite tricky but we worked together to solve the bugs that occurred. 
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Friday 18 September
Year 6 are lucky enough to have NUFC coaches come into school to teach hockey this half term. This week we practised how to control the ball by passing the ball to a partner through 'gates.' We then developed our skills by moving around the pitch - communication with our partner was vital. At the end of the lesson we played small games (2 vs 2) and gained points for every goal we scored as well as every pass we made.
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